Saturday, 7 April 2012

Taking a break

Hi there.

My regular readers would have realised i've been blogging a lot less frequently, and the reason is simple. My exams are fast approaching and it's freaking me out. As much as i love blogging, and i do have so many things to blog about, i find that i simply have no time. I always thought i could study and sneak in a few posts a week, but I realized, sometimes, especially at crucial times like this, i just need to concentrate on one thing... And with the amount of material and work i have to do within one and a half months, i've got to buck up!

I can't blog about shopping and pretty stuff and Japanese magazines and fashion when my mind is on histological features of focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver. It just does go together.

I contemplated blogging about my daily study rants, or blog about what i'm studying about, but i guess that it'll bore people too much.

So with a heavy heart, i have to say that i'll be taking a break from blogging till middle of May, which by then i'd be able to tell you i passed part one of my post-grad exam.

Take care and thanks for reading my blog! Hope to see you in a month and a half.

But not before i sneak in some pictures.

Remember my Chinese New Year clothes from Sg Wang?

Well the pink-orange one with Peter Pan collar was from Lips and cost RM69 ( RM63 after discount ).

It's gorgeous, see through with a peter-pan collar and a lovely back detail.

Well i recently burnt a whole in it by using a too-hot iron!

Luckily i didn't ruin the iron!!

Anyhow, i contemplated cutting it in to a midriff top, or just saving the collar too make it a detachable collar, cos the top was to cute to throw away...
Then i found the perfect solution. Since Forever 21 is having sales (for the longest time!) i bought a long sleeved warm fluffy sweater from RM40 , and put my burnt top under it.Walaa.. solves my problem :p

Haha alrighty time to swallow,devour, read those books!


Joey said...

All the best! I understand how hard PG is (even if I did a completely different course). Take all the time you need. Your loyal readers will be here :)

Mimi said...

Will be here waiting for you:)

Maye said...

What a pity about your blouse!

And study hard and do your best so you can give us good news in your next update!!
::cheers on you::

ellisLST said...

All the best there! Wish to see you back here!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girls!Touched by the kind words and will promise to put more effort in blogging once i come back.. as long as i pass that is! LOts of love!


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