Sunday, 1 April 2012

Japanese Magazines and Mooks

There are so many mooks and Japanese magazines with freebies coming your way i don't know where to start!!

Cath Kidston mook with tote and matching pouch! One of the nicest looking Cath Kidston mook bags in a while!

HbG in May issue of Cutie, out 12th April in Japan.

Out in shops now, a good quality looking bag from a brand i don't know. But after seeing the actual product, it actual looks pretty small and not so functional.

Glow May issue with Old England pouch.

Jill Stuart mook, should be in stores now. Comes with a tote and cute clutch.

Liniere comes with a...ermm.. sewing kit holder..

Non-no June issue with Lowry's farm multi-case, kind of tempted! Love the fact this multi-case is not the kind designed for all your cards to fall out if you hold it the wrong way. You know what i mean? There are some really counter-productive designs out there. This one is not those type thankfully.Out 20th April.

Spring June issue comes with a small pouch by Gelato Pique.Out 23rd April in Japan.


Pammy said...

I wish Japanese mags become available here in the PH. But the freebies might already be gone by the time they hit the stands. :D

saltvinegar said...

Girl, i wish i could help!! But seriously after you've bought one or two.. or in my case 20.. the novelty kinda wears off..


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