Saturday, 28 January 2012

Chinese New Year Shopping In Sungai Wang Plaza

I was so exited about Chinese New Year this year, i bought quite a lot of clothes. I did also mention i would blog about my shopping expedition to Sg Wang (a place i have not been to in a long time since it caters more for young adults to teen fashion and i am already not a young adult *sad*), since it is one of the few places that sell cheap clothes that sort of follow the latest Japanese trends. I used the word 'sort of' since some of the clothes there are just cheap scraps of rubbish.

Anyhow, i decide early on I'd take some pictures to blog about it since shopping makes me happy and reading about shopping probably makes a lot of people happy too. However, i can't bring myself to whip out a camera and snap as if the shopkeeper owed me money. I can't i don't know why. I'm too shy for my own good sometimes. Thus i walked around holding my phone in hipstamatic mode (ie: less obvious: i have got to download spycam soon) in the hopes that no one would notice. And thus the shopping pics you are about to see are all their  hipstamatic glory.

I ended up taking pictures of knick knacks instead of clothes. Oh, well. They make a pretty picture.

These fairy cupcake lip glosses are RM18 (USD 5.90) each at Watson's. (RM= ringgit Malaysia)

In the spirit of candies here are some lollipop lip glosses also spotted in Watson's.

Liese bubble hair colour costs RM34.20 and comes with a free butterfly mirror till stocks last.

There were still a few boxes of Majolica Majorca mascara,eyeliner and red lash curler sets around going for RM59.90.

Spotted: Bling panda bag!

Even more bling iPhone4 covers all affordably at the RM30-40 range.

Racks and racks of cheap fashion with free belts.

Rilakkuma iPhone4 covers. If only iPhone3gs covers weren't obsolete.. *sigh*

You must be wondering, since this is Chinese New year shopping where are the clothes? Well, I'm getting to that. Things get a bit hectic clothes shopping especially if you have a husband in tow, so no pictures of clothes while in Sg Wang, but these are my collective  buys taken all conveniently packed in one photo.

I'm actually pretty happy with my buys. All are comfortable, with many pieces i can wear out on casual outings and there are pieces i can actually wear to work.

Sungai Wang shopping review?


1) Go into a few RM25 (USD 8.20) shops to suss out what you can actually get for RM25. There are rows ans rows of shops on the 1st and 2nd level that sells all items at a flat rate of RM25. The catch is , no trying, which is a brilliant idea since most clothes actually do look good hanging off the rack but not necessarily on a normal human form unless you are Miranda Kerr in which case you can wear anything. Thus i have on many occasions bought clothes that look like it has a great pattern and cutting but looks stupid/horrible/ridiculous on me due to the no trying policy. So the operative word here is SUSS out what's available and not actually BUY. That way you know that you're not being overcharged when you get to the normal priced stores. I guess you can get dresses and t-shirts at these shops but be warned that they are RM25 for a reason, ie: quality may be lacking.

2) Go to the shops in the top 2 levels and enjoy the rows and rows of pretty up to date Japanese fashion at a fraction of the price. The shops are small but at least you can try on the clothes. The only bad thing though is that the prices are so steep by Sg Wang standards. For example the peter pan collared cream blouse was tagged at RM69 (USD 22.70) before discount.

3) Ask for a discount, because you can! If you buy more than one piece, you can definitely ask for some kind of discount, though they'll probably just give a 10% discount but i guess that's better than nothing.

Do not:

1) Pay RM70 and above for a detachable collar cos at the end of the day it's just an accessory.There are other cheaper options around.

I bought this for RM20 at City Square JB. I did see some pearl ones at Sg Wang going for RM30-40.

2) Look down on knock-offs. I only noticed this when i got home, but apparently i bought a singlet with pearl diarrhea on it from the famous Japanese brand Snidel! Hahaha check out the lovely label with cute ribbon.

And it only costs RM39.90 from a Harajuku shop in Sg Wang.

3) Pay exorbitant prices for this brand of ear caps. It was priced at RM12.90 at shops in JB and Sunway Pyramid but only priced at RM5.90 in Sg Wang pushcarts. I asked for a discount and i got both for RM10 (RM5 each). You'd think i got a pretty good deal right? Well i walked into a novelty shop and they were only priced at RM4.90 each! No haggling needed!

If you see these selling online, you know how much you should pay for them now.

All in all i had a really good time shopping!

Next post: Chinese New Year in Johor Bahru and Malacca.


Joey said...

Yay, Sg Wang! hehe I always like having a nosey at what others have bought. So thanks for sharing :D

I love the detachable collar you got. I've been on the hunt for a pearly one and spotted some in Singapore, but refused to pay such ridiculous prices for them. Sighhh the search goes on.

Btw, looking at your Ray Jan 2012 post reminds me I need to get that issue. Congratz on the win, btw :D

saltvinegar said...

Hey Joey!Yeah the prices for these collars are crazy! I bought my pearl one in JB for RM39.90.

I did however spot some collars in Sg Wang around the RM30 range in the upper floors. But beware tho there are some shops selling for RM70! Crazy!

Thanks and actually the Feb edition of Ray is already out with a free erm toothbrush? at selected stores.

Carrie said...

I wanna shop for clothing like you too! Love your detachable collar, it's so fashionable!

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha Carrie, when your baby is out you can buy fashionable clothes for you and baby too!! Hope you have a good delivery!

Vyvy said...

wow love these photos! very cute and inspirational~! and that tag is adorable ^___^

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Vyvy! Cheap and fake Snidel but super cute nonetheless!

jess said...

which shop did u find the ear cap for 4.90 and 5.90.

which flr is it?

saltvinegar said...

Hey Jess, i can't remember where the shop was, but the push cart was just at the escalator, at the 3rd or 4th floor.


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