Friday, 13 January 2012

Japanese magazines coming soon

As usual loads of Japanese magazines March issue coming out in late January and early February.Besides the usual mass of totes and pouches at least there is something interesting this time round.

A Snidel watch with Non-no March issue coming out 20th January (wtf.. a bit early right?). But still i'm liking this interesting freebie. It looks rather plain but elegant nonetheless. Hoping this will not be another case of pretty picture but 'pasar malam' (night market) quality freebie.

Glow comes with a cute kitten pouch from a brand i don't really know. 

Cutie comes with Dazzlin tote. Out on my birthday :)

The March issue of InRed comes with a small purse.

Liniere is giving away a boring grey tote.

Sweet comes with a Deicy mirror.

Spring comes with a Tsumori Chisato pouch , out 23rd February.

Steady comes with a cute Anna Sui tote and card holder, coming out 7th February.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have just entered another posting in microbiology and that is parasitology. I have 2 weeks to revisit parasitology, and though it's tiring i quite like it! But i will as usual be slightly hypochondriac for the coming weeks.

Cat feces = toxoplasmosis, tap water in eye,swimming = risk of achanthamoeba keratitis , and the list goes on but i shall not bore you. Nothing induces hypochondriasis better than a few days in parasitology. I'm staying off raw food and unboiled,unfiltered water for a while. I also recently realized how interesting malaria can be. Okay i think you're starting to puke now.

Don't worry I'll keep this blog as pleasing to the eye as possible. No pathology related pictures anytime soon though i have so many to share!

On a different note, I'm getting all excited about Chinese New Year even though i have 3 tests tomorrow. Time to visit crazy shopping centre full of cheap clothes where everyone is fighting for new clothes to buy for Chinese New Year. I'll take some snaps if things don't get too hectic.

I can't wait to do some serious shopping!


Yumeko said...

oooh good luck with everything

post pics of what u buy for CNY please!!

saltvinegar said...

Hi girl! Sadly all the pics I took on my shopping day with my iPhone is now in limbo cos my phone just KO-ed! I'll see what I can do.. Thanks for the postcard!


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