Tuesday, 3 January 2012

L'occitane fan giveaway

I've redeemed my L'occitane holiday charm and sample sachets. Have you redeemed yours? I blogged about how i requested for it here.

I was late at redeeming but thankfully the sales assistants did not make a fuss about it, and was quite prompt about giving me my gift.

Since I'm on the topic of free samples, i might as well show you two other items i recently redeemed.

Biore eye and lip makeup remover. 

As well as a sample which came by courier. When i received a notification informing me that i had a parcel delivered to my place but i was not in (why do they always have to send things to my empty house when I'm away at work?). I was scratching my head as to what it was.

It turned out to be a Biotrue contact lens solution sample which i redeemed but did not post it on my blog as i wasn't sure whether the redemption period was over. If you want one go here.

I really think sample redemption are great! You get travel friendly sizes to bring around cos i am those kind of people who buy travel sized products so i don't have to lug heavy bottles around. Also, the person requesting for the product is interested in it, and thus if your product is worthwhile i will definitely repurchase.

Cynical reader: Yeah yeah yeah that's what you say you cheapskate.

Ha ha ha! I admit to being a freeloader sometimes, and get excited about freebies a bit more than the average person (okay quite a lot), but i am also the kind of person that if i want or perceive something to be good, will go all out to purchase the product.

Currently i am quite obsessed with buying myself bottles and bottles of Lux Super Rich Shine Shampoo and Conditioner after trying it out as a free samples with a Japanese magazine i bought ages and ages ago. Read here. The Japanese really produce pretty amazing hair care products! The first time i used it my hair for the first time in my life felt that it will never get tangled again.

Of course it did, as i gave finished using the samples and am desperately trying to find out where they sell this since i don't see it on Malaysian shelves. I'm definitely going to find this when i go to Singapore.

Anyway the point is, i do buy stuff after i try them. That is if they're worth it.

In the spirit of free things then are the pictures below depicting the huge influx of calenders given away with magazines this month.

The problem is, i think, no one actually uses calenders anymore.

I have my iPhone :p

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