Friday, 20 January 2012

Ray Magazine Snippets January 2012

Yay, my exam is over! Not that it carried any marks but it was a big deal anyway. Thanks to my last minute mugging skills i slept intermittently for 10 hours cumulatively in the past 2 days, which means i should probably be sleeping right? Well i tried, but pretty much similar to how i used to have post-call euphoria, i have post-exam euphoria, not that i did well or anything, just that i was glad the exam is over.

I have so many pictures accumulated to blog about, but i have no idea where to start. So i usually do what i usually do and that is to work backwards from the most recent events. Today, i made a trip to the Cite (publication company i would think) office (and it was the most stylish office i have seen) to collect something i have won from the Malaysian Ray magazine.

I won a Sharp Plasmacluster Ion Generator worth RM499 (will you believe that?) Plasmacluster you say? Yup! Apparently it's a portable air purification system, and it looks really cute and pink! I'm not endorsing this product since i don't really know much about it yet, but the whole point is i won something by reading a magazine and writing a slogan on facebook. I'm chuffed! The last time i won something remotely as expensive was a Valentine dinner for two at KLCC for a Swatch slogan writing competition.Not that i'm good or anything.

And this is my prize in a box.

Here's what's inside. Sorry i have not gone about unboxing it properly yet.

This is what the actual product looks like though., just imagine it in bright pink.

So anyway, it's all thanks to this magazine that i won this prize.

So, i thought i'd be really ambitious, take hundreds of pictures of the magazine and give you a good introduction to this English translated Japanese magazine. But i underestimated how sleepy i was so perhaps you'll make do with just 3 magazine snippets? I'll do more later on though if anyone's interested.

The article i decided to show is of TokyoPanda's tips on how to achieve a retro style. Apparently she's a really popular blogger who was born in Japan and now working as a doctor in China. Well, anyway, why she's so popular is because she's a bit of a fashionista despite being a doctor (there is hope!), and she is known to use pieces bought off taobao (China's ebay equivalent but cheaper) to create trendy looks.

Here's what she looks like anyway.

Her looks is definitely trendy in a Japanese fashion magazine way. I like!

I like it even more that she's suggesting the in-trend detachable collars. I love the concept, as you might have known from reading some of my posts. I was desperately trying to find affordable detachable collars and almost resorting to DIY one myself. The good news is, the trend has hit shops in City Square JB and Sg Wang KL, at a fraction of the Japanese price, but still pricey for a collar by Malaysian standards. The price of a collar is equivalent to the price of a normal priced blouse.

That did not deter me though. I so far have two. 

The lace one which i bought online, has me cringing, as it seems to be attached to every cheap blouse in town. It was seriously a bad buy which was a hassle buying as it got lost somewhere between the mail room and my office for a while. The pearl one i love love love. I just don't know when i'll have the chance to wear it yet. 

So anyway back to the magazine. These are the looks Tokyo Panda came up with.

Think she deserves her popularity? Well i think she's pretty good!

Anyway my eyes are telling me i really need to sleep know. For those who are expecting scans of the whole magazine,I'm sincerely sorry. That would probably be called copyright infringement and hey I'm sure there are sites that you can download the Japanese version from. I just wanted to share some interesting pages off the magazine. I have a few more pictures to share for another day.

Thanks for reading till now. I notice a few new readers so welcome!I'm always glad to see a new face or comment on my blog.

It's going to be Chinese New Year real soon so Happy Chinese New Year everyone!


Anonymous said...

happened to chance upon your blog while looking for diy ideas! thought this video is pretty interesting, some diy collar ideas! i managed to get one for 18 SGD, which isn't very pricey, but I'll try making some myself soon :)

saltvinegar said...

Ooh what type of collar did you get? I found diy instructions and patterns for a beaded scalloped collar which I think you would have chanced upon too but all that beading made me cringe!

Anonymous said...

strange the youtube link never appeared, but here it is:

I got a normal sharp-edge (not sure how you put it, but it's just a regular collar. not the peter-pan/scallop ones) that has pearls sewn all over it. I think it is DIY-able, but I agree it's too much work! The ones on asos are too expensive :(

saltvinegar said...

I was wondering what youtube link u meant.. haha i can totally imagine wat u meant by sharp edge collar with pearls. I was thinking of getting one like that too.. but without the pearls. Mayb i shld just cut out the collar of my old blouse.

Anonymous said...

I think it'd work too! Worn my pearl one a few times, kinda heavy feeling. Saw some at H&M singapore, but way overpriced :( SGD 40 for a pearl one! Anw love your blog a lot! Read some of your entired, it's great to know someone who also loves these fashion and jap mook freebies! :)

saltvinegar said...

I know! It's pretty hard to find ppl in Malaysia who are into freebie magazines! Omg s$40 for a collar is so expensive! I actually saw a blogshop selling it for rm20-30 and I think thts pretty reasonable but, hmm I'd rather try it on before buying. Also, yeah my pearl collar is so heavy I have not actually worn it out. Do u have a blog btw? So curious who you are!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog! I didn't sign in with my google account as I don't want my email to be shown on the blog (not sure if it'll be shown, but was trying to be safe hehe. I can drop you an email to show you the collar I got. I don't get to see the notifications when you reply on this thread either, hence the slow reply :)

saltvinegar said...

ooh you are indeed safe!I thought perhaps you were a fellow blogger too! Well it's ok i think i can sort of imagine what your collar looks like.Thanks for coming by my blog!


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