Saturday, 7 January 2012

Top Ranked Japanese Products

I was searching the net to see where i can purchase my current obsession: Lux Super Shine Rich shampoo and conditioner, when i chanced upon this!

This was featured in PopSister September 2011 edition, and i realize i'm not the only one crazy about Lux haircare.It is the number one hair care brand in Japan based on repurchase rate.

I can't believe i am so slow to discover this though.

Well, better late than never. Have a look.

Top ranked facial cleansers
1) Biore Marshmallow Whip (It's out in Singapore, but not in Malaysia yet and the drawing point is purportedly the tiny particles of foam it produces so it cleans deeper? Go figure.. number 1 in Japan anyway)
2) Biore Facial Foam
3) Lush Kindness of Angel (天使の優しさ)- This is a Japan limited edition. Heck we don't even have Lush in Malaysia yet, but since it's in Singapore already, probably wont be long now)

Top ranked face toners/lotion
1) Hada labo Japan Gokujyun Hyaluronic emulsion and lotion (I've tried this before but it only succeeded in making me break out, and tiring nights slapping my face- those who've tried it will know what i mean). Since I've got a whole bottle that was barely used to i tried using it on other body parts (like my dried out cuticles and shins) and by golly it really locks up a lot of moisture!
2) Sana Nameraka Soy Bean milk lotion and whitening milk moisture toner (i think i saw it at Watson's somewhere-tempted to buy but i've got so many stuff i'm putting on my face already- so how?
3) Orbis Aqua face lotion and moisture (Not even a whisper of this in retail markets yet)

Top ranked face masks 
(I really have no comment about these cause I don't really use masks save for the MyBeautyDiary ones given to me: Thanks ChauPei!)

1) Pure smile essence mask
2) Missha pure source sheet mask
3) Skinfood black sugar mask

Top ranked body cream/lotion
I really hate the feeling of sticky body cream on me so i'm not a fan of body creams either. Perhaps these are exceptions?

1) Body Shop Pink Grapefruit body butter
2) Nivea happy time body milk
3) Johnson's body care creamy

Top ranked hair care products
1) LUX Super Rich Shine shampoo + conditioner (The product that started this whole post. I still can't find a place that sells this in Malaysia though)
2) Pantene Extra damage care shampoo + conditioner
3) Shiseido Tsubaki shining shampoo + conditioner (At least this is available at Watsons. Will have to try this too)

Top ranked beauty gadgets/skincare devices
1) Panasonic steamer NANO care EH-SA60
2) Panasonic hairdryer NANO care EH-NA93
3) Estenad skincare

Okay now, on to the make-up items.

Top ranked foundation
1) RMK Liquid Foundation
2) KATE mineral liquid foundation
3) Coffret D'or silky fit powder
(I've never tried any of these! Any good?)

Top ranked eyelashes
1) Dolly Wink #1 Dolly Sweet *awesome!*
2) Diamond Lash Fairy Eyes
3) Daiso Lashes (can't see from the picture which eyelash they're referring too, cos there are so many types in Daiso- and not all of them are great)

Top ranked eyeshadows
1) KATE Gradical Eyes BR-1
2) Dolly Wink Eyeshadow No.1
3) Majolica Majorca BR355

Top ranked blushers
1) Canmake cream cheek no.8 (I have this in another colour-soft and slightly creamy blush turns powdery on application.Though i feel application with fingers is a great way to spread microorganisms on your face-since I'm in microbiology now- super paranoid)
2) Candy Doll cheek color (strawberry pink)

Top ranked mascara
1) Maybelline volume express magnum waterproof
2) Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus
3) Dolly Wink volume mascara
(We rave about Japanese mascaras so much and the top ranked brand is Maybelinne?-Feels cheated)

Top ranked eyeliner
1) Loveliner brown liquid eyeliner
2) Dolly wink liquid eyeliner
3) Maybelline Eye studio creamy gel liner

Top ranked lipstick
1) MAC lipstick in siss
2) Candy Doll lipstick (ramune pink)
3) Maybelline water shiny milky RD606 (I can never find the exact shade here!)

Top ranked lipgloss
1) Candy Doll lipgloss (macaroon pink)
2) Majolica Majorca honey plump gloss (NEO PK144)
3) Melliesh lipgloss (06 candy pink)

And that's it! A whole new lot of products for you to look out for and buy! I'm not too sure if that's a good thing or not for the pocket, but definitely something to look out for when shopping, especially since Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks away!

Credits: Hudie


Aurélie オレリ said...

Useful post!! Thanks!

Joey said...

This list is so useful. I remember seeing it before and was happy that I already use some of the products on the list like Hada Labo. Can't live without it! hehe

saltvinegar said...

Joey:Why does Hada Labo not work for me :(
Aurelie: Your welcome!

Cieri said...

I used sana nameraka soy bean toner and cream for almost 3 years before I changed to hadalabo and im thinking of changing to sana`s was so good and i used to put a bottle of toner into my frdge during summer~

saltvinegar said...

Cieri: You make me wanna buy Sana! But i currently have a full bottle of something else.. oh well who cares.. Is the Sana toner suitable for sensitive skin?

Yumeko said...

i think the problem with the skincare etc reccomend in this magazine is tat its target market is way younger than i am [i think their target market is like 12 - 18] so i dont suit the skincares they reccomend sadly

saltvinegar said...

Yeah and the price range is more affordable too! I'm using some of these products but with addition of anti aging formulas too. Hey if you have the time, can you do a post about your skin care regime? I'd love to know

Maye said...

This post is really useful, so thanks for sharing it!
It's also interesting that mnay american brands are top on the listings.
Thanks for sharing!
(There wasn't any news at post office, will check tomorrow!)

Hana Mint said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
saltvinegar said...

Hana Mint: Yeah we meant the Soy bean lotion


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