Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Coach x More, YSLx25ans and other Japanese freebie

The Japanse magazine have the luxury of giving out free gifts with every issue and some of the freebies are incredibly branded!

 Already seen in stores is 25ans with YSL key ring/bag holder with a small pouch to hold it, all in YSL embossed glory. The price though is not cheap. It was around  RM63++ at Kinokuniya KLCC.

The next issue of 25ans comes with a metallic looking clutch.

Perhaps the More magazine that comes with a Coach make up case would be more up your alley? It will definitely be cheaper than 25ans (around RM40) and Coach seems to be the more popular brand around Malaysia.

The April issue of non-no come with a Mercury Duo cosmetic pouch.


Joey said...

Saw the first mag and Kino and was SO tempted to get it just for the YSL freebie. The rational side of me put it back and told myself I don't want it, I was just blinded by the YSL. It's too pricy for me, anyway. I'll stick to the likes of Ray :)
Which btw, has no more Jan issues. Gah! I've been collecting them since they came out, now it feels like such a gaping hole in my collection. Grrrr

Lol, re the toothbrush, I didn't get it cos I bought the Feb issue from Kino. Toothbrush...haha

saltvinegar said...

Woots! Congratulations on rational thinking!!
Hey i've seen the Jan issue with Karina on it lurking around in some bookstores. Heck i could have sworn i even saw the Tongbang Shinki one last week. Maybe they're the not so popular bookstores.Will let u noe if i see it again.
And about the toothbrush lol.. it's useful! *freebiewhore*


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