Monday, 27 February 2012

Sweets and other random bits

I am so unhappy that a post i just drafted and kept to post another day just disappeared! And it was a fully drafted blog post too. I'm sorry today will just be a post on random material stuff i took a while ago.

Remember my brief infatuation with making sweets out of clay a while ago? Well, it was very brief. This was what i managed to messily produce before  lost all interest in it.

My first macaroon..kinda sloppy and messy.

I was trying to get piping just right and hence the millions of trial and error effort. My cream concoction was too diluted that day.

I found better success though with cookie cutter shapes.These 'cookies' were used as gift tag embellishments. 

That was the end of my infatuation and i found NO more time to do any of these small cute craft projects.

The face masks below are from my brothers gf whose sister just returned from a Taiwan honeymoon. Loving all these masks though i have yet to try the one's which cover the neck and have a ear hole to keep the mask in place and also purportedly to have a 'lifting' effect.

I love how all these Taiwanese products have celebrity endorsers on the box.

OMG this post is really random now. The last 2 pictures are of my random Daiso buys. I can't not buy anything when i go in!! The picture below is of a hair fragrance. I know WTF right? But it works really really well! It gets rid of whatever smoke/oil smell from your hair and leaves it rather light and soft too! All for RM5!

These two are a bit of a mis-buy for me. Spectace holder that you can hang up. But if you wish to just dump it in your bag, too bad cos it has no closure! The spectacles will just slip out! The beads were for another craft project of mine which never really materialized!

Sigh, i spend all my time at work, and hitting the books. How much i retain is another matter and problem all together.. I'm so busy i even missed the Oscars this year! Sigh! After the exam i must take revenge!Haha..

Okay not so random post next time!


LauraLeia said...

I see you've discovered the wonders of that Daiso fragrance! :D I love both the Rose and Soap one, and recently saw a new scent at my local Daiso.

saltvinegar said...

I was sceptical at first but when i saw adorablycluless's review, ans then saw it again on your giveaway, i just had to try it out since at the time i was at an incense filled place. And it is truly an amazing product from RM5!


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