Sunday, 19 February 2012

A trip to KLCC

As it was a Friday, and everyone was rushing to get out of KL, my usual weekly migration to Slim River, presented me with a 4 hour layover at KL Sentral before the next available train. As luck would have it, KLCC is just a 4 stop train ride away, all in air conditioned comfort.

I love taking pictures of stuff in shopping centres *materialisticmax*, and hence this utterly silly and frivolous post on what i saw there. Since i saw too many things that i wanted to take pictures of, i handily divided it into 2 parts, just in case you got bored half way.

As you probably would have noticed, the latest Uniqlo x Snoopy collection is out at a budget friendly RM39.90 per piece, at the expense of perhaps quality. The material is not 100% cotton, and it looks like the type that goes all furry after a few washes. It was however comfortable to wear. You can see the men's Snoopy range here.

A piece from the female range that looked cute, but was too see-through *conservative*.

Next up was obviously Kinokuniya, the one and only store in Malaysia (please don't close down like Borders and Harris Bookstore in Singapore)

What i love about the bookstore is the Japanese magazines obviously (more about that next post), as well as the cute craft supplies only the Japanese can think of. Here are some pretty cute miniature seals (which to me are 3D stickers) you can use for scrapbooking or making your own card.

Sorry for the out of focus picture. I was trying to be discreet.

It doesn't come cheap though. The one below was around RM15.

There were so many to choose from i wanted to buy it, but have no use for it besides admiring it's beauty!

Sorry, my phone focused on the background instead of the foreground which was actually stamps of a biscuit and croissant.

Over to the Japanese books section. I used to focus only on the magazines till i realized there was a treasure trove of really nifty craft books. A tiny book like that costs RM100, yet it's such a niche product that i'm sure crafters would not mind splurging on. The book on the top left with the doodle on it. Take note.The book on the bottom left is actually a box set on creating your own stamps. And have you seen how expensive stamps are?

The book with the doodle, was just that,. A book of doodles, giving inspiration on what to doodle, and how to doodle.

This was another book on doodling. Pretty silly you might say, but flipping through the book you realize how it can be applied to everyday crafts. For example, a few doodles can decorate cards, jam labels, and obviously scrapbooks and diaries. For the less inspired, the books provide an inspiration. I wonder if there are such sites online though.

Behold more tiny, pretty books with interesting covers.

The picture above are of picture books which depict exactly what it says on the cover. There are whole picture books on french confectioneries, french villages, London villages..

And the books of pictures in peoples homes and shops around the world. Obviously only cute,clean and immaculate homes/shops were photographed. Who doesn't have a fixation with all things pretty and wonderful?

If i had my way i would have bought all the books by now!

Next post: All the Japanese magazines and mooks.

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