Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

I know Chinese New Year is not approaching it's final day, and many people are celebrating Chap Goh Meh this coming long weekend (its a 4 day holiday in Malaysia!), but still, i want to show you some nice scenic shots i took of my Chinese New Year in JB and Malacca.

What better way then to start a traveling Chinese New Year, than with a pink luggage full of new clothes! I swear the pink be-stickered luggage was full of new clothes, but i ended up wearing and re-wearing the clothes i liked and felt comfortable in, thus resulting in many new clothes being in a neglected state.

My mom bought Chinese New Year flowers and i think they are called 'nian hua'. I love flowers no matter how they look like but preferably alive.

OMG this is starting to look like a gardening blog, but i can't help but take pictures of my aunt's garden every year when we go and eat 'mee sua' for the first day breakfast. I want a garden like that too, but first i need a gardener *slapsmyselftoreality*.Anyway it's lovely garden with koi pond and all.

Me and my bestfriendcousin, XH. Almost every  Chinese New Year,we spend it talking about relationships and update about our entire lives once a year. And this year i had my hubby with me in JB! Amazingly blessed, cos i know it's not something i should take for granted. Thank you hubby! But erm, no pictures cos he's shy.

After the first day Chinese New Year lunch at my place, we traveled to Malacca for reunion dinner. I tell you in Malacca it was one 8 course dinner after another. I swear the 5 kgs i gained was from there!And i finally got to stay in one of those old style peranakan guest houses. Budget and practically next to Jonker walk. What's not to like? 

I am loving the courtyard!

And Malacca is of course famous for it's pineapple tarts. Spotted along one of the roads in town, pastry-licious signs/ornaments/whatever it is it makes me wanna but all the tarts!

And this is the huge dragon at the entrance of Jonker Walk. Kind of similar to the one in Pavilion.

And yup that's it! Happy Chap Goh Meh everyone! If you're going back to your hometown just letting you know traffic is heavy at least on the North South Highway in front of Slim River anyway heading north! South bound roads are clear!

Hoping everyone will 'huat' this year!


LauraLeia said...

Whoa! Malacca looks really awesome! :D And I also have 'mee sua' for CNY (either 1st or 2nd day) every year. So so so yummy~ :D

saltvinegar said...

Oooh is it a tradition or something to have Mee sua every CNY? I wonder what's the significance? Agreed it is so yummy! My aunt who is Ang moh makes them and there are loads of condiments and wine to add on. Haha while we Chinese ppl just eat away!

~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Gosh~ you made me miss melacca so much..!! I haven't been there for almost 4 years i think..??

saltvinegar said...

Hahahaha awww... i think u generally just miss Msia lor even though you're just next door! U know or not i'm in Slim River in ur beloved Perak while you're in Singapore near my JB! Terbalik liao hahah

ellis's luv said...

Anything to do during the last day of CNY? I might find somewhere to throw some oranges.. :D


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