Monday, 6 February 2012

DIY projects:Weekend craft projects to try out

I have been gawking. Seriously and literally gawking at crafts. If you are a craftgawker you would know what i mean. After a long 2 day break, i find myself with 2 more days off, and a 3/2 days working  week ahead (2 cos i might take Friday off since its my birthday).Hence, i find myself attracted once again to creative craft projects. While i have no time nor the supplies needed at the moment to carry these projects out, since i am committed to a good 4 months of continuous mugging (i must pass exam!), i thought maybe some of my creative readers might be interested. Plus it might be a good Valentine gift project!

Even if you're too lazy to try these out, they are great to look at.

So here i present to you, my favourite craftgawker ideas for now. All linked to full step by step tutorials. You are welcome.

Make your own 

1)Homemade tea soap

Link is here.

1.Once you get all the necessary ingredients, you can make these all the time and you don't ever have to buy small gifts/soaps anymore.
2. They are just too cute and who doesn't love tea? i mean just look at cha-time.
3.Can potentially be a wedding favour which is easy to package.

1.There are quite a lot of ingredients to prepare.

2) Glitter flats

Link is here.

Pros: They are so bling!
Cons: Your house will be a  glitter mess!With Malaysian prices of shoes it might be easier to just buy one already glittered for you.

3) Homemade mosquito repellent

Link is here.

Pros: We could always use mosquito repellent here.
Cons: Does it work for Asian mosquitoes specifically aedes mosquito? Plus who has vodka readily available at home? XO maybe..

4) Dried moss terrarium centerpiece

Link is here.

Pros: It's pretty!
Cons: Where to find dried moss here?

5) Prettify your google wallpaper

 Link is here.

Pros: It's pretty!
Cons: Too lazy and whats wrong with plain google?

6) Egg-cellent egg-citing love notes

Link is here.
Pros: Too cute!
Cons: Poor baby chick.

7) LOVE Canvas

Link is here.

Pros: Gorgeous statement piece for your loved one!
Cons: Might not be good for those who can't paint in a straight line and oh, there are canvases to be bought. Can you also imagine the dust after a month?

8) A ring out of a coin

Link is here.
Pros: Gimicky!
Cons: Ouch, sounds like a lot of hard work.

9) Wallet from plastic bags

 Link is here.

Pros: Erm, good for those in need of a wallet?
Cons: Who wants a plastic bag wallet?

10) Another Moss Terarium (I know i'm infatuated with the stuff!)

Link is here.
Pros: A live keepsake from a holiday.
Cons: In Malaysia we never get moss that cute! Unless you stay in Cameron Highlands that is. Maybe i should just make use of all the sunlight and plant real plants.. ugh but i don't want to have to water it everyday!

And that my dear friends are some of the things that can keep you busily creative these long holidays. Let me know if you do manage to make some of these lovely projects happen!


~mEm0RiEs~ said...

Gosh~ I like the "Dried moss terrarium centerpiece" so much..!!! How good it is to have such a gifted talent.. owh~

saltvinegar said...

Hey Veanne i'm sure you can make it too... we just need dry moss!But i have no idea where to get it in Malaysia.


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