Saturday, 18 February 2012

LeSportSac 2012 Mook

The latest LeSportSac mook is coming out in March and even though it is one of the hottest mooks overseas, the response in Malaysia is good but never as good as what i hear overseas. Even if you're late getting to the store there will always be a few mooks left over.

I particularly liked the 2nd LeSportSac mook with the multi case which i find very useful and simillar to their normal line. The mook from last year, though cute, i hardly used at all! I find it cumbersome to use and have other more user friendly eco-bags.

Anyhow the mook for 2012, might be a miss for me for one simple reason. It's too small!

Will anyone take me seriously if i walk along the streets in this? Judging from the picture, it's even too small as a hand carry! The added heart shaped bag charm is a good touch though.

Plus has anyone noticed that the price of the Japanese magazines and mooks have risen quite a bit. When i first started buying, the mags were normally around RM30-40 while the mooks were arounf RM50-60. Now though the magazines are priced at RM 40-50 while the mook prices have risen to RM70-80! And that's after the 20% discount for most new mooks! I might as well buy an original LeSportSac tote on sale (past season but better quality).

I don't know I'm pretty ambivalent sbout this, what say you?

1 comment:

shuaddict said...

I'm with you, not interested in this one as it's too small. It's like a toy bag or for a little girl to play dress up!


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