Friday, 10 February 2012

H&M Malaysia to open by Autumn 2012

It's starting to be a general rule that what Singapore gets, Malaysia follows soon after. With the huge success of H&M in Singapore, Swedish fashion powerhouse H&M reported that they will indeed open it's first store in Malaysia based on their financial report released on January 26th.

Which is of course great, since H&M have been producing the most sought after collaboration pieces in recent years.

Where will the store be located? Well, it's anyone's guess at the moment but the criteria they had cited, is somewhere with high foot traffic and high visibility with 10,000 to 30,00 square foot of space for their new store.

Word has it they might take over Tang's in Pavillion. However that remains still a rumour. I popped by Pavillion, and Tang's was having a massive clearance sale which either means they a renovating(unlikely) or moving out.Which makes perfect sense for H&M to come and shift right in!

However, i'm hoping there will not be overnight lines at every new collaboration, cos i want to get a piece without lining up, though i have a naging suspicion the kiasu Malaysian with us will directly mimic out neighbours down south.

Whatever the situation may be, H&M we welcome you with open arm!

Some of H&M's previous collaborators include:

Viktor and Rolf for H&M, Roberto Cavalli for H&M, Sonya Rykiel for H&M, Jimmy Choo for H&M,Karl Lagerfeld for H&M, Lanvin for H&M and the recent Versace for H&M.

At current, H&M has a Davide Becham bodywear collection and an upcoming Marni at H&M collection.

Here are some of the pieces from their latest normal line.

Things are looking good for our retail industry but not so much for my pocket!


LauraLeia said...

Agree about the 'things not looking good for our wallets' part, haha! I wish New Look would open in Msia though, I like their clothes more than H&M.

saltvinegar said...

Oooh i've never even heard of New Look. I'll go google. H&M will add more options to our wardrobe, but based on their online collection it looks rather basic.

Joey said...

About time, right?? I already miss H&M in the UK so, so much. When I heard it was coming to Malaysia, I was like YES!!! However, I know the prices will be exorbitant and unreasonable. I once did a comparison in Singapore with brands like New Look and River Island and was shocked at how much they upped the prices. I guess it's fair because of import duties etc., but I wished it wasn't such a big difference.

saltvinegar said...

What is this New Look? Ibettergofindoutsoundsimportant. Hur hur omg i hope the price won't be marked up too much or else regular Malaysians won't be able to afford it.

shuaddict said...

That's good news although I don't quite see why everyone goes so gaga over H&M. Hopefully the prices are not marked up too much here compared to buying in UK.

saltvinegar said...

hey shuaddict, it's all about the hype! Remember the snaking lines at Uniqlo? It's rather non-existent now. But then again if they do good collaborations i can see rich Indonesian tai tai's and their children fly over to buy some.


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