Saturday, 3 March 2012

ViVi with Murua lace collar

My prize find at Kinokuniya a while ago. A very much out of stock ViVi November 2011 issue with a Murua detachable collar.I've been talking so much about it lately you're probably sick of it right now.. but i still wanna show you!

Hur hur hur.. someone must have found an extra copy and put it back on the shelf. Vivi hardly ever gives freebies.

Nicely packaged to tell you it is Murua even though there is no tag whatsoever on the collar itself.

There was also a second freebie, a sample sized hair product, which till now i still have not found out the function. Hair cream? Styling gel? 

The collar itself was velvety, with a lace border which was slightly crumpled once i opened the box, and fastened with a single button. This is a high collar, so will not work for anyone with a fat neck.

Here are a few ways how to wear the collar as illustrated in the magazine.

Very happy buy indeed before i started my 2 weeks of intensive course in UM!The intensive course was indeed intensive and throughout the course, it consolidated how much more i need to brush up on the gaps in my knowledge. As i am almost certain of failing the mock exam, i will have to buck up this next two months. Wish me luck everyone!


LauraLeia said...

Have I told you how much I envy you getting ahold of this elusive copy of ViVi?! T___T
Anyway, enjoy your GWP! XD

saltvinegar said...

You have!! Haha thanks girl! If i ever see this copy on the shelves again i'd definitely snap this up for you!

Meng Her said...

Good Luck !!!!!!!!!

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girl!!!

xuan_er said...

the hair sample is for holding up the curls of your permed/curled hair.

i have the same collar but i have no use of mine is just sitting there, collecting dust. =/

saltvinegar said...

Thanks girl! Now I know! Maybe you can sell yours to Laura??

saltvinegar said...

You can contact her through her blog.


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