Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Holiday Plaza Jb handphone accesories wonderland

Holiday Plaza in Johor Bahru is probably the oldest shopping centre in Johor Bahru. When i was a kid, it was the only shopping centre around and it was touted as the longest shopping centre in Malaysia. The shopping centre is not as popular now with the mushrooming of shopping centres in JB, the most recent one being KSL City situated right across the road (walking distance! Talk about competition). However Holiday Plaza is not without it's charms.

I scratched my head thinking about the reason why it had become less popular, besides the fact that no major renovation job had been undertaken since i was a child.Then i realised the reason is that it had not changed! The major tenants are still the same, McDonalds and Parkson. Some of the smaller shops have been around for 20 years! The only difference, and perhaps a contributing factor as to why the mall is still frequented by people is the thriving fake goods shops. It used to be a hub for fake DVD sellers, but though there are some stalls around, the main player now are those selling handphone accessories! Yes sir! I have found the cheapest place to obtain handphone cases and ear plugs. They also sell iPad covers and accesories but i did not check out the price. Should be cheap though. Even the dilapidated stores outside Sogo KL and Sungai Wang Plaza, the hub of all things cheap in KL cannot compete with the prices in Holiday Plaza.

An iPhone4 cover ( the type that is like a book cover that you open from the side) was priced at RM45 at the stalls around Sogo and RM35 after haggling. The featured price without haggling for the exact same cover was RM 15 in Holiday Plaza.

I got this RM17 HelloKitty iPhone3Gs cover at one of the shops. The best thing about it is that it's a new iPhone3Gs design! Do you know how hard it is for me to buy a new cover for my old phone?


A cute red bow in front!

These ear caps were going as low as 3 for RM10 at one particular stall, but i wasn't so keen on their designs. The ones below are RM4 each.

Cute ribbon ear caps, RM4 each.

Holiday Plaza is old and run down, but its not without it's gems.

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