Sunday, 18 March 2012

Laura Ashley X Uniqlo

I read about it a while ago and wondered when the Laura Ashley with Uniqlo collaboration would be coming to Malaysia. Well, wait no more, i popped by KLCC and saw it in stores today, all new and fresh.

If you missed the Cath Kidston collaboration last year, this one is pretty simmilar, except that there are tunics in this collection. In the UK there are scarves too, but i didn't see any in stores in KLCC. Perhaps i wasn't looking hard enough.

Expect loads and loads of floral prints. Here's a look at the collection.

Here's how floral prints can look trendy.

Comfy cotton tees and sleeveless tunics. The tees go for RM59.90 while the tunics are going at RM79.90. Pretty steep prices for cotton clothes, but cute nonetheless.

Are you a fan? Or do you think this is a collection you'd rather sit out since florals make it look like you're wearing pajamas?

The Malaysian Uniqlo website doesn't feature the collection yet but you can have a look at the UK Uniqlo website.


LauraLeia said...

I love the floral prints, but i prefer them bigger. Grabbed a couple from the previous Cath Kidston x Uniqlo collection, not sure if i wanna get these though. ^^" I do like the second last one, hmm....

saltvinegar said...

I bought none! Cos the prices were too steep for faded cotton floral that would probably we about RM15-20 in CottonOn..

Plus i bought around 3 pieces of the cath kidston one and i look like i'm wearing pajamas with the floral ones..

LauraLeia said...

Hahaha! I agree, the cotton is kinda thin, but it's perfect for our weather la. :D I bought one of the scarves today, didn't get any of the tees though.

P/S: Saw a lot of 'aunty' grabbing the tees from the collection, LOL

saltvinegar said...

LOl!! I think my mom would love this collection too! I just cant pull this one off!
OOoh i didn't even see the scarves.

xuan_er said...

definitely going to check them out when I am in Tokyo...but I am sure if I can pull the foral prints without looking too frumpy...


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