Sunday, 11 March 2012

Japanese hair ideas and nail art

I thought I'd share some scans of a hair styling tips and nail ideas I liked all in it's English translated glory, since i'm blogging on an iPad and the layout seems to go all wonky if I type too much.i really have to go download the blogger app soon. In the meantime hope u like the pictures. Press on the pictures to enlarge.


Vicky said...

Hi there, I have recently came across your blogs while searching on where to buy Lux Super Rich Shampoo in KL. Bad news is, I have been searching for last few years and nope, still can't find them here in KL. But, its available at a Japanese drug store in Takashimaya, Singapore. Make sure you buy those 'Made In Japan' though. Else, you can easily get them in Thailand but its 'Made In Thailand' and the quality is not as good.

saltvinegar said...

Thanks Vicky! I'm from JB so I'm definitely going to Singapore and haul the shampoo they are so good! Definitely gonna try the made in Japan ones! Thnks for the valuable tip!!


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