Monday, 12 March 2012

Coach freebie with More Japanese magazine

I bought More Japanese magazine just for the promising looking Coach jewelry case freebie.I'm always misplacing my wedding ring and I have no idea where to put my more precious jewelry.This pouch seemed the perfect

The problem though is that I failed to have a proper look at the dimensions of the jewelry pouch and I was taken aback at how small it was! The jewelry pouch was covered in signature Coach print with a nice bright pink tie closure and inner compartments.The Coach emblem is printed on the inside too. Despite the small size, it actually serves its purpose pretty well.A jewelry pouch is not meant to be huge anyway. It holds many rings, a zipped compartment for necklaces and 4 compartments which are unzipped.

The next issue of More comes with a Cath Kidston tote. 


StreetLove said...

I nearly nearly bought this too on the week you bought.

saltvinegar said...

No surprise then. We sorta like the same thing!

StreetLove said...

Yea true :). But I made a reservation for the upcoming magazine that comes with a Coach hair scrunchie


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