Saturday, 3 March 2012

Madame Alexander X McDonald's dolls

Ever heard of Madame Alexander? I've heard of the name, but only as a McDonald collectible. I've always been amazed at how wonderfully crafted they were even as a free Happy Meal toy. The quality and detail of these dolls far surpass all the other Happy Meal freebies.

Madame Alexander was the daughter of Russian immigrants and her passion for dolls stem from her family's business, a doll hospital. She started her own doll business in her late 20's in 1923 and they have become on of the most popular collectible dolls in the USA.

Thankfully with their collaboration with McDonald's, their brand name is brought to consciousness around the world. They started collaborating with McDonald's in 2002 and have produced some wonderful collectibles over the years.

A recent collaboration between Madame Alexander and McDonald's reminded me again how wonderful the dolls are. Despite the fact that in Malaysia we got the dolls in February 2012 despite the doll being introduced as story book couples in the USA way back in August 2010! Sheesh, and they did not bother to bring them in as a couple! We only got the female dolls. Perhaps they will introduce them as a separate set of Happy Meal toys?

These Happy Meal toys sometime prove to be such gems. I was with my mom in Holiday Plaza when we saw the doll display. My mom had already bought one of the dolls, and she proceed to the counter to buy the doll of the week. We have all four now!

Look at the cuties on display: Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Hansel and Little Red Riding Hood!

This is what we were supposed to be getting: pairs of dolls!

Here are some of the past collaborations with McDonald's released in the USA. I don't really remember how many of them reached our shores, but i distinctly remember i have one of the dolls from the collection below at home.

The collection depicts children in their various activity gear. I have the female pink baseball player doll.

Other mouth watering collaborations include a Wizard of Oz themed set, which i don't think ever reached the McDonald's where i live. Imagine how beautiful they are displayed!

The latest Happy Meal collaboration is with SpongeBob (yucks) now, but who knows they might have extra Madame Alexander dolls if you ask nicely.

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