Saturday, 15 September 2012

Geometric necklace - Axxezories review

I seldom ever buy things online. The first item i bought online was a detachable collar that was way overpriced and i never wore. It was disproportionately too big for me. I hence am really wary of buying items online. Then there are stories of sellers not sending items out and just pocketing the money.

But i was practically 'forced' to buy this Nicole Ritchie House of Harlow inspired black geometric necklace online, since i could not find a single physical shop selling this necklace.

I was holding back on buying the necklace so much, the trend of wearing it was already long over before i bought it. But then again i was never much of a trend follower. I'm more of a past trend follower.

I eyed a few blogshops selling it. A few blogshops were also sold out of this particular piece.

I finally found a rather new blogshop which offered me the best price for this item. Heck they even threw in a 10% discount.

Here's the said coveted necklace i bought.

I made sure it was made of glossy black enamel before i bought it since i was apprehensive about how true the picture is to the actual product, and also because I've been seeing a lot of similar necklaces but with matte  faux leather surface instead.

I bought it for RM20 including delivery, which i feel is a really fair price.However it is not without it's flaws. There is a small area where the gold paint had chipped off  -_-'' but no complaints though since it's unnoticeable  if i turn it the other way.

Here's the reverse end of the necklace.

It's a really versatile necklace that i'm happy to add to my wardrobe.

Since i'm on the topic though, i want to show you the really cute neko neko ear plug accessory i saw in the same blogshop.

It goes for RM8 each, and they are seriously mega cute!

I seldom see ear plugs over hanging the body.But then again how  does it hang over the phone cover? Hmm..

But aww.. so cute!

A safer bet would be to get a sleeping cat.

Double over-hanging kitties.

Sitting kitty.

Backside kitty (cutest IMHO)

This one is erm.. friendly kitty?

If you want to have a buy fairly priced accesories, you can try and take a look at Axxezories.

Does anyone else have blogshops to recommend? I'm at the start of an online shopping journey!


The Geeky Rabbit said...

I got the neko dust cap! I use it for my galaxy tab, and it looks pretty cute :P I didn't see all the variations when i got mine, the others like look pretty good too! doens't fit blackberry too well though :(

saltvinegar said...

Which one did u buy? The one on the first picture? Tell me how do you put your handphone cover on?

Carolyn Tay said...

Neko cat is too cute, too bad I'm using a blackberry :'(

xox, c

The Geeky Rabbit said...

It only fits without the cover, I use gelaskin so for now it can still fit! it can fit with the cover on but pops off too easily ): here's a pic of mine:

Anonymous said...

as said, you saw most blogshops selling HOH inspired necklace in matte instead of glossy finish. mind telling me which blogshop? cos im looking for the matte 1 instead as opposed to your preference. thanks :)


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