Saturday, 1 September 2012

Charles and Keith massive sale at JPO

I went to to the Premium Outlet Store in Johor not expecting to spend any money. I was just accompanying my family there since they have not been there yet. Hence i forgot to I did not bring my ATM card , and had only RM50 in my wallet. (I'm that broke).

Amused myself by taking pictures of the surroundings.

Randomly sat on a bench and saw a pile of coupons.Turned out to be rather handy. Got a 5% discount at Universal Travellers. So yup take one if you see it lying around.

But fate had it that I was to spend money that day. Charles and Keith reductions was on a massive sale (in fact every shoe was priced at either RM29 or RM19 (divide by 3 and you would roughly get the US dollar equivalent). Every gorgeous shoe was  placed on shelves displayed individually as they would normal priced items. So no digging in bargain bins or anything like that.

Every shoe it seemed also came in only one size. You try the shoe, it fits, get the other side of the shoe from the salesperson and pay. That particular design is then off the shelves. I cannot tell you enough how i envy the people who went to the shop early. I went to the shop at around 2:30pm, and there was still around 3/4 of the shoes still around.Not too many people too. The salesperson was free to attend to us and the line to pay was short.There was around 1-2 people in front of me when i paid.

Due to being low on funds my budget consciousness, i only bought one pair of shoe, and here she is!

Gorgeous high-heeled (but still comfortable) taupe slingbacks for RM29. The tassels and the potato sack material is not something i would usually buy, but this one just looks and feels right to me.

However the best buy of the day was not from me but from my brothers girlfriend.

Have a look at this!

And would you look at the price plastered at the sole of the shoe.

Peel off the bargain price and you see the original price!

RM289.90 reduced to RM29? That's a 90% discount!!

But that's not all... when she paid, she was charged.... oh have a look at the receipt yourself!

RM 19 for something with leather details?? Cheap!!!

Needless to say we were happy campers that day.

Four hours later on Facebook, i read that the shop was cleared out of shoes!


Eriol Loh said...

which camera u r using?

Angeline Ng said...

omg so cheapppppppppp!!! ;O

LauraLeia said...

OMG!! :O Such an awesome deal!!

circleofchaos said...

Nice post.^^
Maybe follow each other???
My Blog

saltvinegar said...

Eriol: I'm using my old Iphone 3Gs and edited with photo apps

Angeline & Laura:I know!! My first response was OMG too!

saltvinegar said...

circleofchaos: Sure why not?

Eriol Loh said...

first two picture d colour quite nice d~

June said...

Holy shit, it's soo gorgeous & real steal! Can't even find anything I like from their massive warehouse sales in KL :((

I cant stop reading your blogs once found! Must find u if go Johor 1 day , if u don't mind. :p


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