Friday, 6 June 2008

Loving the hols~

Just came back from Desaru~ muahaha
The pics are still in the camera which is charging up for tomorrows trip to no Desaru pics up today. Instead i'll finish uploading my blur nonsense pictures from the last couple of months~

Desaru was great by the way. Somehow the water seemed cleaner , i mean it was nearly Redang level cleanliness~ maybe I've been exposed to too much of Kuala Rompin's murky waters. The water was glistening turquoise. Unfortunately due to foreseen circumstances i was unable to participate in all water activities. But just breathing in the salty sea air lazing around having a picnic by the sea wearing my oldest clothes was so much fun. No need to care who was looking or what they thought of me. Thats the best thing bout going out with your family! You can just be you and nobody would care. ha ha.

Anyway .. i do like pink.

As attested by my buys in Ikea a while ago.

Lovely baby pink

Jh has no choice but to accept my love for pink. Ka ka my very belated bday present but welcomed with open arms nonetheless~ Pink Hello Kitty keyboard (after i totally ruined my old one with stickers)

And a talking hello kitty mouse. It says 'i wuv u' when u press one of the buttons.

One of the good things about staying in Taiping was that it was so near Penang . On ly bout an hours drive so we could have a weekend getaway to Penang.

The pool~ which we made no use of.

The rustic corridor of heritage hotel.Not bad a place. Reasonable accommodation friendly staff and near the shopping areas.But then again Penang is damn small everywhere is near.

Heritage hotels is supposedly really old so there were lots of antique looking houses across the road from it.

Nice lobby

Nice garden

Jh sleeping

What not to like? Ka ka tho its only a paltry 2 days 1 night, it was great fun shopping meeting up with Voon n Pei Lynn and watching TV? Haha but getting lost in tht little island really sucks. Kept going round and round cos we had no map.

I love hols~ woot woot

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