Saturday, 23 June 2007

bonjour mon petit~

Just read Pei Fen's blog~ gee. I wanna go France too~~ and all that based on these few photos~

To those tht don't know this is Pei Fen the yes 933 radio dj (Singapore radio station-to the uninitiated).

These are laduree macaroons~ heard all about it in children's storybooks and only now do i noe how they actually look like.. might i also have the chance to taste it soon~ apparently its scrumplicious~

Drool~ cheese fondue~ enough of all the chocolate fondue shit~ Cheese fondue is the way to go

And what is this?

A normal suburban setting in an apartment block in Lyon?

More like an empty wall touched by a creative genious~~

And can u see the little prince standing next to his author-Antoine De Saint Exupery.


Viva le France

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