Monday, 4 June 2007

Impending gloom~

I'm just counting down the days still i start work~ groan~
Can't seem to get my room clean or start to fill in those forms~
Ugh~ can this denial stage pls go away??

On a happier note, JH and his parents got us a nice place in Ipoh.And i am so thankful to them.. at least i noe i have a decent roof over my head not like the 'so-called-accommodation' they provide at the hostel~OMG how can 2 ppl bunk in those rooms?? I mean for one person its perfectly fine but having another person in there is just wrong.Gloom and doom~ What with the increase in COLA it did not seem at all economically feasible to stay at the hostels provided. Not that there are many free spaces for us to stay anyway.I think it's definitely better if JH and i stay outside so that other doctors without transportation can have the free single rooms.

Then there's the prob of labcoats.
Due to prolonged denial syndrome on my part, i haven't got the lab coats made yet but my dad found a place that do sell lab coats (but it mainly supplies medical supplies) great good job~ the prob is its selling at ~ wait for it~ RM80!! Daylight robbery~~~ and to think i though the labcoats at IMU priced at RM 50 was bad~
But i told my Dad to go ahead and buy it cos i dun have much of a choice.
Thanks Daddy~

I'm gonna miss my family a lot~
Even tho i have some lame-ass brothers~


tan said...

about white coat (not lab coat .... you are no longer 'experimenting' :-)
i) most major hospitals provide 'free' coat to doctors ... according to new 'perintah am' of KKM (that is kementerian kesihatan malaysia) .. check with your hospital
ii) if costs RM 40-42 in KL (look for any uniform shops eg the professors etc) there should be branches in ipoh

saltvinegar said...

Yup thnks! Just found out we get new clean overalls (thts wat they call it here) everyday~ woot~ no more cleaning and ironing~ no more week-long accumulation of germs and bacteria~

would u believe it tht i bought a white coat in Jb for 80 bucks? over priced shit~


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