Saturday, 23 June 2007

Why am i posting?

I have the incorrigible urge to post something..tho i dun know what exactly to pour out into this blank canvas.So many things have happened my life have changed and all because of my job! Working 7am to 10pm is all right i guess but am not looking forward to starting on-calls. Within the span of 2 weeks i have done 3 cprs on patients, staring death in the eyes. I've done one peritoneal tap and an unsuccessful pleural tap.

Been at the brunt of a the radiologists PMS symptoms as well as well as having to deal with having to do jobs that no one wants to do(mainly going down to the imaging department) I really dun mind going down for reportings and getting urgent apponitments cos most ofthe radiologists are really quite reasonable but i just cant stand that i am sent down when they very well know i'm not supposed to bother the radiologist tht very day cos they had an imaginf conference. Oh well.. scoldings are part and partial of the job. I'm lucky my MO's and specialist are very understanding and reasonable and responsible.

Yet i'm happy to come home and just rest for a few hours before starting work again.

Life at least has a purpose.

Receiving thanks from my patients are my biggest gratification to date.

Life is precious more than ever before.

My condolences go out to JH and his family.His ah ma will forever be missed.


Suwen said...

How come I've never read ur blogs before?They're interesting actually,haha.

Actually I was rather glad that u got posted to Ipoh since I dun hav that many frens there.Looking forward to meeting u n introducing u to yummy Ipoh food :)

Cheer up & do try to sleep more ! I understand that I will never b able to totally understand ur life as a HO but at least v're in d same field. N yah, the gratitude of certain patients do make my day.I guess this keeps us going:)

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha and i'm so glad ur here in Ipoh cos true friends are indeed hard to find and once u find one its for keeps~ I'm getting used to work now but on-calls are torture~ I'm sure u noe wat i mean.

Cant wait to have a great 38 chat with u again!


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