Saturday, 19 January 2008

My camera

Okie technically i dont have a camera. But i just realized my phone camera is not half bad at all. Some of u might be wondering she bought her phone a month ago and now she trumpets the cameras virtues? Yup slow procrastinator me just recently had the time to buy a memory card reader for my micro whatever card in my phone. So up till now i've never really seen my comp pics on the big ie. computer screen. Kaka..

First up:

Proud photo taking of my CNY bag purchase. Ok ok its just another excuse to buy another bag. White again bout 90 bucks. Must be the first time i buy such an expensive for my standards bag~

Love the punch holes.

Matches perfectly with my LV coin/handphone pouch.

Pics quite clear right?


Pic of me and See Wie just before he leaves to become Head of department in KK Bagan Datoh (never heard of the place so really not sure of the spelling.)


Pictures of a toilet?

Okie not any toilet but that of a first class ward bathroom. Not bad rite?


More chritsmas pics

And finally :

Cam whoring in a dressing room~ really buay pai seh..

And no i did'nt buy it after consulting with my trusted fashion advisor.

Yeah CNY shopping almost done~

Cant wait~ dong dong dong chiang~


shirlyn said...

oh gonna miss CNY this yr...luckily my mum sent some ba gua n cookies here..havent reach yet tho..hehe

nice bag!! hehe..i LOVE white bags....

saltvinegar said...

kakaka dun worry i'm sure Jin Aun will help you collect your ang pow's .. :p

Just came back from KL and everythings still the same cept tht there are 3 more places to shop now.

There's this spore chinese radio station you can try listening to. cos they should be playing lots of CNY songs now hehe

Edeline said...

Good words.


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