Saturday, 26 January 2008


Yeah yesterday was our 3rd anniversary.

Last night i was also on-call~

muahaha and happily i was able to sleep from 1am to 5.45 am straight without interruptions.

I was so fast asleep i din even realize tht my specialist came in to look for beds for patients~

Kaka anyhow glad to be out of paeds surgery tho felt tht Mr Ram isn't as bad and mean as i thought he was before.

Kaka anyway finally manage to 'persuade' JH to take more photo stickers with me. I dun get why he feels tht after a certain age we shouldn't be taking neoprints anymore. Sorry k i really love them. Especially when there is no time limit in decorating in the stall in Jusco. Muahaha But as JH was like getting bored of decorating we actually missed out decorating one of the pics. Aiya wasted.

But the pics turned out great tho except the under decorated one. The machine had special metallic ink so the pics were really nice and bling bling. No pics to show on the blog tho cos my camera only 1.3mpixel. Damn blur la when taking tiny objects.

Here's wat i bought for CNY

Only one bag~~ cos i'm damn frugal

These are wat you'll see me wear on CNY~ mostly monochromic colour ler. Cant really find any nice colourful clothes.

Really proud pf my new tokidoki inspired HP cover~ i was afraid my LV pouch would scratch my metallic Motorola.

And lets welcome impulse buy of the day

Seeds plus the gravel~ supposed to have some writings on the leaves of watever sprouts out. It was prob really hip when it first came out bout ~~ 2yrs ago in spore. Haha resisted buying it for such a long time but since iwas so wu liao waiting for JH to come out from the loo i just went into the shop and bought it.

Damn lame~ still waiting to plant it~ cant find a suitable container.

By the way i'm so addicted to cutesy stuff~ sometimes against logic.
Look wat i did to my keyboard.

The alphabets are practiacally unreadable now~~ argh so small la the fonts~

But its cute. I'm hoping with the tiny fonts my brain will subconsciouslty memorize all the alphabets and with tht i wont even have to look at the keybpard to type. And maybe tht would help me type faster.

So far not working~ am taking forever to type all this.

And itchy fingers me also bling bling my comp screen.

damn wu liao~ but it makes me happy~

:) Cant wait for CNY~


shirlyn said...

r those bling bling stuff really "in" now in msia n spore? bcuz xiaxue is really into it too....but she did not bling her comp like urs...hahaa....very creative!!!

happy 3yrs anniversary to u n jinhui....n happy CNY too!!

saltvinegar said...

~ hhmm i think so. cos all the shops are selling ready-to-stick bling bling for mobile phones. and its pretty inexpensive.

Did u watch her how to zhng video? looks so difficult to do. My bling were like stickers so easier~

happy CNY too you too~muahaha buy loads of CNY clothes while u're there !

saltvinegar said...
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saltvinegar said...

hey check this out~ this lady (some hot taiwanese blogger ) had loads and loads of bling bling bling~ *** pengsan

sckhsmc2007 said...

oooh... them bling blings!

anywayz! Happy Chinese New Year! =)

may the year of the ratatouille brings you an excess of prosperity in whichever way you may please =)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog btw i love your TokiDoki piuch!


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