Saturday, 9 February 2008

Chinese New Year 2008

Chinese New Year pics galore~ lazy to blog so just pics for now~ Ka ka and i forgot to bring my pen drive so this will be my treasure trove for now

This glorious sight and sound greeted me early CNY morning~

Latest addition to the family~

Wa lao damn cute second only to the irreplaceable Zi Yi

The zen tropical garden home we go to every year

Typical CNY scene~ lots of noise and laughter.

Much fluffier and bigger in real life~

Me and Dan

Being wu liao~

Now on to my place~

Me and my mei nu niece~

Ben getting some his arm defaced

These kids are cute yet mature~ loved going to Leisure Mall woth them

The venerable Zi Yi!

Kuala Rompin~

Thats all folks~ i love CNY pics~~ wish i could have more leave to enjoy it!

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