Sunday, 2 March 2008


haven't blogged in such a long long time~
no thanks no doubt to the exhausting tagging time in o and g~ i have possibly grown even thinner if that is indeed possible~ 7 days of tagging 6.30 am to 12am/1 am the labour law indeed do not apply to us. Thankfully managed to deliver 10 babies do 10 episiotomies and repair and assisted in 5 Caesars after much negotiating and making friends with the staff nurses and student nurses alike. They rule the roost there so good if ur a guy like JH and can charm the socks off them. Mere mortals like me have to be humble and friendly and take whatever jibes tht come ~ thnkfully they treat me rather well la~ unlike someone who kena marah until cry~ ish

My recent lack of blogging may also have been due to the weird change in blogspots recent settings. When i wanna upload any pics i cant see it first on the draft page~ is it just me or has blogspot just got harder to use? So now its much harder adding captions~ pictures just come out as html commands~ weird weird. Do you guys get the same shit?

Sleep is all i do these days and am thankfully blissfully happy bout it~

Updates in my mundane life:
1. Bought fridge (mini bar kind)
2. Received 830 of call claims~ the most so far
3. Jostle for work with 10 other houseman in labour room everyday
4. Amazed how blown out of proportion the whole Edison Chen saga is (poor guy)
5. Buying cutie stuff then hardly bother to open up the package (retail therapy to
the max)
6.The seeds i bought before CNY - refer old posts- finally planted them and they've
7. Am thankful for 933 everyday
8. Am developing acute vitamin deficiency~ need my dad to force feed 3 servings of
fruits a day
9. Oh ya~ delivered a 4.1kg baby (Spontaneous vaginal delivery some more) damn heavy
10. Did my first appendectomy some time ago~ coolness~ almost had the change to do bilateral tubal ligation but fumbled with my knot tying so tak jadi

Missing school days~

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