Friday, 21 March 2008


Back in Jb so get ready for photo posts~
cos i have nothing much to blog bout as i lazily just sleep,watch tv,read 8 days,listen to 933 only everyday

Haha so was going tru my comp and found some childhood pics which my bro got some one to scan or something~

Low definition pics but really cute la~

Reminds me i used to be a little kid cos i have no recollection how i spend my time as a kid la

Cute or not?

This pic i can remember well la~ were coming down from Bukit Mertajam after visiting grandparents and u know how far Penang is from Jb rite? So it was late and probably raining so we detoured to Fraser's Hill some hill resort which was pretty popular last time. So i had some major car sickness problem when i was a kid. Sometimes i still have it now esp on planes.So i'm guessing the road up was pretty windy cos i vomited all the way up the hill till i have no more clothes to wear. Puked in the borrowed uncle's car some more cos last time our car was not really fit for long distance driving.

Poor ppl wat to do.

Kaka so anyway had to change me into a dress so hence the dress.

So unnatural la.haha but dunno how i can still look so happy after puking so much.

This is my bother who looks damn cute in every child photo he takes. kaka but not cute now la. hate it tht he always looks better than me in pics .. when we were young~ see how attention grabbing he is? My face got cut out of the pic ler.

Look at our old school TV? Cool rite? Can close the Tv compartment when not in use de. Wish we still had it now. Would make a really cool antique la.

And this is the usual boyish me in my normal clothes. Ignore my cute bro ok. Dunno why he looks so chubby and cute last time. My cousin who just got married is behind Daniel and the boy behind me is my cousins cousin (not related to me). We were in a plantation in Pahang. Dun remember the trip at all. I only knew tht i actually had been to Pahang tru the photos.

He looks a bit like a monkey.

We were like damn happy taking photos and damn suka pose la. In a way still like tht now. kaka too bad somebody seems to not like taking photos now.

Hai~ great to be back in JB. Somehow the air smells fresher. Even the azan that berkumandang di suasana senyap sepi at 6am in the morning brings back great memories.

Nostalgic me~


shirlyn said...

ur bro uploaded these pics on his facebook too...hehe...

the both of u looked very very cUte!! hahaHAHha..which babies don't look cute 1??

but ur bro is seriously good in taking pics can he have diff expression in each pic? it's weird tht he doesnt like to take pics now..wat a waste! hahHAHha..

Servidores said...

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saltvinegar said...

Ha ha ha actually when i was blogging i thought of Jh and i actually meant JH din like taking pics now. But yeah obviously when i reread my blog post it soound like my didi din like taking pics.

Ka ka rest assured Daniel loves loves taking pics till now. Too bad not cute anymore kaka.

And to servidores thnks for the compliment.

shirlyn said...

oppsie! tot tht u were talking bout ur bro...hahaHAHa..

sckhsmc2007 said...

Ahhh... ze childhood years... =)


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