Sunday, 13 July 2008

Bling bling

All this while i have been utterly fascinated by how Xiaxue can bling bling her stuff so nicely. I have not really gotten around to blinging my stuff save for my computer monitor cos 1) dyn have the patience time or artistic talent
2) dunno where to get really nice crystals (so far have been using ready
made stick on kinds)
3) din get around to buying epoxy glue (tho i saw it at tesco one fine
to sum it all up = i was too lazy

Recently i have found that the japanese take their bling-ing even more seriously. I mean manicure-like professional standards. Be hold the results.

Seriously see until eye also pain.

So can mere mortals like us achieve such a mazing resuls? Apparently so according to a website which sells just the stuff you need to bling up your stuff.And you don't have to worry about doing a lousy job cos you're obviously not going to glue those crystals directly on your gadgets but on clear film protectors first.

And so these are the high quality crystals and embellishments you would need to achieve said results.

I have not exactly bought any of these beauties from the site nor do i noe who opens the site. But i find the steps by step instructions on how to get started rather interesting and the prices pretty reasonable so if you're curious go have a look at

But dun come at me with a stake if you get cheated or anything cos i do not know the credibility of this site. But it looks rather credible to me la.

And while you're at it have a look at this site if you love all things bling bling.

Am loving the weekend off and am scheming how to get JH to take purikura with me.Muahaha.

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