Friday, 26 December 2008

Boutiques in Ipoh

Since leaving Ipoh i had the sudden realization that there was a huge number of reasonably priced boutiques there which i sorely miss in Slim River. Though i have found an equivalent in Cats Whiskers in Subang dun even dream about it here in Slim River.

So here's a top 5 list of my fave boutiques in Ipoh just in case anyone goes there to stay and is wondering where to shop besides Jusco.(I tried searching for their website to show some sample clothes but i guess they're all not tech savvy or just too lazy or dun think anyone will go google their shop)

1) Index Concept shop
Persiaran Greentown 10,
Greentown Business Centre 30450 Ipoh

Best of all. All the clothes are colour coordinated so u can totally skip which colour you dun like and best of all the clothes are all very reasonably priced.On top of that they give about 10-20% discount of all clothes except best buy items.I mean the original price was already really plus the discount it was a sweet deal.

For example i bought a similar hoodie.. which is sort of like this but short sleeved~

And guess how much~~ 35++ only

2) Xcada shoes
6, Persiaran Greentown 10,
Greentown Business Centre 30450 Ipoh

Though i'd like to rename it Xcada bags~always go there for a bag fix.Dunno how many bags i've bought from there.Not always cheap but always affordable la. Some are so not worth it la so you have to sieve the good buys from the bad.

This bag (sans the flower) i got it for about 50 bucks

3)Love Fashion Studio
66, Jalan Raja Ekram (Cowan Street)
30450 Ipoh Perak

Surprisingly this posh looking boutique is rather pocket friendly.They dun have that many designs but they do have some nice stuff. They also do minor alterations albeit at a price.I bought two dinner dresses here.

This one is so cheap i forgot how much liao~ under 70 bucks definitely.

This dress i loved but had the front straps removed cos it was a bit too much~ around 70 bucks also..damn cheap KL where to find?? Plus alterations some more..

4) Vini Sis boutique
22, Persiaran Greenhill, 30450 Ipoh
Index Concept shop

Okie this one is not really cheap but they do free alterations for you and for me alterations are essential cos i have such a small frame~

Skirt costing 55+ without alterations it would totally hang over my hips.

They had loads of dresses and i got some from there too but totally regret this one cos the seams were loose~but they offered to repair la~and the dress was too sheer till see through ler. Worse thing was i didn't even notice till after the event~

So yup these are my regular haunts in Ipoh~ Go shop there for yourself!

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