Thursday, 15 January 2009

Calls calls and more calls

Ah the things i do for Chinese New Year~

In order to get a longer break for CNY i'm doing 8 calls in the span of 3 weeks this month and this week alone i'm doing 4 calls~ haha do the math ppl~ 4 calls in 7 days all active calls too. The first call this week was damn good and i got a good 6-7 hour sleep~ the call yesterday not so good what with a premature baby neeeding surfactant and intubation for that~ dengue haemorrhagic fever with a platelet count of 27 000 with active bleeding and many many admissions both in the paeds and neonatal side.. leaving me with 3 hours of sleep yesterday~
Hai~ with back to back calls looming this weekend with no one to cover me i can only hope and pray for the best and to get some bunga to mandi with~

hai~ but it will be all worth it for 9 glorious CNY days~ woots woots maybe should get more days for the full 15 day CNY experience hahaha~


shin chee said...

i just finished my call yesterday... i thought i can get a nice sleep but in the end came an UGIB at 1am with low BP... i have to stay up for 2 hours to wait for resuscitation n the blood... haiz. n i got 4 calls in 2 weeks, but urs is much 'sui' la, haha... how's life there?

saltvinegar said...

hahahah like tht la~ on call now~ back to back call.. cos only 4 ppl in the department so have to do like 8 calls a month lor.. as long as dun have ill patients or anything.good thing is i can come home and bathe and online when i'm free.So far ok lor but miss guys ler.. come kl tell us la we come find u..


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