Friday, 16 January 2009

The wedding of the year~

Hahahaha yup yup Fann's and Chris's wedding movie is out this CNY but i'm referring to the best wedding i've been to and that was last year~ I've got more pics and man they really did a great job~ it was fun and it was emotional and i've got some long overdue pics to post.

We were stoked to see so many old friends and ready for every opportunity to camwhore.

The garden was gorgeous

And petals were strewn along the red carpet

The songbooks were given out~

And the bride was ushered in with her father giving her away~

There were tears..

and more tears~
(I mean how often do you see anyone cry at weddings anymore?)

But most of all it was a celebration of love between 2 people and when i see the pictures still it reminded me of what a wonderful wedding it was and how strong a bond they have~

Here's wishing them a wonderfully wedded life and may the magic last forever~

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