Thursday, 5 February 2009

So lazy~

I have officially cropped a bunch of Chinese New Year photos (due to my overzealous picture taking i had to go through 270++ pictures) but i am so lazy to upload them~ soo lazy ler~

Instead i 'm just gonna blog about this fantastic movie i just completed watching today~ Cape No. 7 or Haijiao Qi Hao~my God the movie really kinda moved me even though the story line was nothing much~ about delivering love letters from Japan 60 years late overlapping with the forming of an unconventional make shift band and of course a love story between Van Fan Yi Chen( most well recognized as the person who sang the mandarin version of 'I believe' many years ago) and Chie Tanaka a relative Japanese newcomer in acting. It also stars a pop star from Japan Kousuke Atari(dunno who he is but his voice sounds really good in an unconventional way).

Now i know why it was named the most outstanding Taiwanese Film of the year at the 2008 Golden Horse Awards (where it won 6!! awards) and it also became the 2nd highest grossing film in Taiwanese cinematic history, 2nd only to 'Titanic'. Fuah~So geng like that. Must see it for yourself~ probably not for everyone but i certainly like it.

Here are some pictures and a trailer so you kind of get the gist and feel of the movie.

The three different posters for the movie.

This one focusing on Jap singer Kousuke Atari~ is he famous? cos if he's not he should be~who does double duty as the Japanese school teacher posted to Taiwan 60 years ago and as a pop star of today.

Obviously the core of the story was about Van Fan and his love hate relationship with Chie Tanaka.

And this poster i like the most~the ppl who make up the band

So unappealing right the band? Some of these ppl aren't even actors as i find out from wikipedia. Well i knew Van ~ok sounds weird i mean Fan Yi Chen was a singer but the rest of them got me fooled.The way they played at the concert at the last part of the movie really got me rooting for them cos it seemed like they were such passionate people.

This old uncle damn cute lor~ supposed to be an 80 year old postman

And the lead actress is really pretty in a non- irritating way~found out she was actually in Jay Chou's Qi li xiang Mv.

Love this song~

Go watch it~ CNY 2009 pics coming soon~


shin chee said...

yes, Kousuke Atari is a famous singer and actor back in japan. he came to taiwan a few years ago and starred in some taiwanese show, but only speaks in mandarin. i saw him and Chie Tanaka in Kang Xi Lai Le and he really speaks good mandarin. u should check it out in youtube.

saltvinegar said...

really?? he's got charisma and a good voice~ how come he can speak mandarin de?? Noe he's based in JApan la?

ok i'll go check out you tube

saltvinegar said...

eh shin chee.. i cannot find ler~ give me the url~

shin chee said...

eh paiseh... i think i mistaken it la... it's another fella... he read the letter in japanese one in that show. sorry for the mistake. i also forgot i used to download a song from kousuke atari called 'hana' (flower). somehow i cant hear it long enough cos his voice plays like 'er hu' la...

saltvinegar said...

Oooh no wonder i can't find la!!Hai~ i try so hard to find ler.. like tht you must belanja me makan liao haha

Yeah lor his voice cannot listen too long de.. really like er hu ler haha


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