Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Damn sien~

The older i get the more i understand what my mom tells me~ It's easy for us to give help to others but when we need help it's very hard to get it~

So i was on call yesterday on my birthday~ so much for a bday celebration. And i wasn't even supposed to be on-call!I woke up at 7.30 am on my birthday morning only to be greeted by a text message from my colleague Akhil~

' carol i had an asthmatic attack yesterday and am planning to take MC today.Can you please take my call?'

My heart just sank~But there was nothing i could do so i agreed.Soomi and Tahirah and Suneet were really sweet and all planning a 'surprise bday thingy for me'. Thanks you guys really made my day! And the call thank God was not too bad so i was thankful the call was over and was expecting a big thank you from Akhil and for him to take my call on Thurs as a ganti. Of course asthma is a reversible airway disease and he did not require nebulization or hospitalization so i expected him to take my call straight away cos if he didn't that would mean once again i would be doing 4 calls in 7 days in a department that has 4 functioning Mo's.

Let me explain wat a call means. On a weekday a normal working is from 8am to 5 pm.If i am on call i continue working from 5pm to 8am the next morning. Then i continue working the next day from 8am to 12pm where i would then have the afternoon off.Which means when we are on call we work 28 hours straight.

On a weekend we work from 8am to 8am the next day alone which means 24 hours out of office hours.

So this birthday week i worked on Saturday and Sunday back to back. Then i took over Akhil's call on Tuesday and if i Akhil refused to ganti the call i would be working on a Thursday too. Exhausting.

But wat was his reply about ganti-ing balik by taking my Thurs call? Without even considering or saying sorry he said ' i dun think so, not when i'm not well yet.'WTF???!!! Where is the gratitude?At least consider it~ after i sacrificed my bday and took on so many calls.

so it looks like i'll be on-call again tomorrow.

And my working hours this week will look like this.

Saturday 8am to 8am (24hours)
Sunday 8am to 8am (24 hours)
Monday Public holiday
(thank God and Thaipusam falling on a Sunday)
Tuesday 8am to 8am (Akhil's call)(24hours)
Wednesday 8am to 10 am
(they asked me to go back early la~at least i had that.
Thursday 8am to 8am (24 hours)
Friday 8am to 12pm (4 hours)

While the said colleague's time table is something like that.

Sat Public holiday
(Go Genting gamble and inhale smoke fumes)
Sun Public holiday
Mon Public hoiday
(Conveniently gets the flu and an asthmatic attack)
Tue Emergency leave(Sleeps at home)
Wed 8am to 5pm (9 hours)
Thur 8am to 5pm (9 hours)
Fri 8am to 8 am (24 hours)
(one and only call)

So not happy about this~but strangely feels better after blogging about it. Ok la if he were to do the Thursday call he would have to do back to back la~but still not apologetic at all.Some more i helped him present his mortality report cos he wanted to go Genting~ doing can like that wan mer?

Sien~sometimes does not pay to be kind.

But in his defense he's been a good guy thus far la~ help me start my car and all.

Hai~ just damn sien.

But on a happier note i got so many calls and sms's!! and facebook msg!
Thank you mommy, daddy, Jh's mom,Daniel and Ben, Yung Yung, Yeng Wen ,Sook May, Su Wen,Mei May,Suet Yin, Shin Chee,Loh HP, Pei Lynn, Chung Hang!!,Ling Yen,Shirlyn,Yew Liang, Joreen,Doris,Steph and Susie,Farosha,Puvan, Jason,Siew Leng,Woan Ling,Alvin,Pamela, Navrin, Hui Syn, Sharon x 2, Kit Chan, Way Tern,Cecilia, Mee Mei,Ong Kuo Gee,Kelvin, Kai Sheng,Chiam (though i had to remind him), Isabel, Miao Zhen.

Buahaha thank you for remembering~

And thank you JH for the lucky card and pending present~muahaha


jarien said...

come on .. cheer up, gal ..
tomorrow will be a better day ..

hope u'll have a happier weekend ..

saltvinegar said...

hahah in JB now so happy happy~

Happy Valentines to you too!

Shin Chee said...

Happy V day to u caroline~~~

Hope the pending present will be a surprise!

saltvinegar said...

yeah until now belum dapat also


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