Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day~

I'm in Jb for Valentine's day sempena Sook May's wedding but even the ride down to JB was fun cos it's been so long since i've spoken mandarin sepuas-puasnya~ hahaha and had loads of fun chatting with Yeng Wen and ?Gui Ling? in the car from KL to JB~ It's great to be home~ but it's rather quite now cos my parents went out for a wedding dinner (Valentine's dinner sure very hot de~ but a bit selfish no? How will the brides friends go and celebrate Valentine's ? with a room f ull of uncles and aunties? So unromantic) and Daniel went to Malacca to find his gf and Ben is in Subang spending Valentines with auntie Sai Kee and family~

Ha ha ha so miss JH a bit lor~feel a lot like doing little gifts ,cards etc.. but so far the stuffed puppy i've been trying to do looks like shit.. i think for ppl out there who is contemplating buying this kit~er. ..better not unless ur really good at it cos the pattern sizing is a bit off and instructions totally not clear~

Nice packaging tho~i'm a sucker for nice packaging~

Towel type clothe~ quite nice la but messy when u cut it~

Wa lao cutting the fabric so tedious~ sewing lagi teruk then end up with weird shaped doggy~ sien

I mean how to sew the nose huh?Anyone can help?

Looks really weird ler my doggy .. a bit over stuffed also~ haha but no matter wat i still wanna finish it la and give JH hahahahaha dunno wat he's gonna do with it.

And am contemplating making chocolate truffles recipe from 8 days but will surely melt on the way back lor~

He he he he dilemmas i can live with~

Anyway realized there are a lot of things to be grateful about in life~

Oh and just saw this pic on Yung's Friendster~ haha our mini CNY gathering just me,Yung and Chun Hsia~ no frills or fancy just a simple visit to Plaza Pelangi , fetching Chun Hsia from CS after she came back from working in Singapore and visiting her house in Melodies garden.

Intimate and meaningful~

Lucky CNY plant~

Love the pic~

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