Saturday, 7 February 2009

Campus superstar 2009

I'm on -call and missing Jh~ cos he went back for a party~boo hoo.I guess it is due to my fragile emotional state that i started bawling at of all things the latest season of 'campus superstar'.

My God when did this school aged talent contest become so emotional. I cried not once but on two separate occasions~ wa lao how come so many contestants cry this season? And ti doesn't help that these kids are so cute further upping the aaww factor.

I started watching the latest season yesterday thanks to this wonderful person who uploads it~ and Jarod became an instant favourite cos
1) he is male
2)he is only 13
3)he has the face of a baby chipmunk

even Shawn the previous champion seems to pale in comparison (no thanks of course to his voice breaking~why did he even agree to come on the show this season?? but quite brave la)

You judge for yourself.

So it did not help during the actual competition it self when he started crying after singing 'i believe' a rather significant song in my post break up life. And why did he cry? Really dunno but according to Pornsak its cos Adrian (another contestant with great taste in music but poor memory of lyrics) forgot his lyrics.

Here starts the sob fest.

wa lao the moment he cried i also cried ler~ just like the judge.. i noe exactly how she felt~

The during the next episode Ridwan the sole Malay contestant also cried when he forgot his lyrics.. not easy la when u dun understand 80% of what you are singing.

And then during then during the result show i had a fresh flow of tears again (though less cos i was half expecting it)~when Ridwan cried again cos he was not so~

So JH i blame you for my sudden overactive tear ducts~
is it just me or do crying kids just make you cry?

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