Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bored again (version 2)

It's been a while. And i have loads of things to blog and millions of pictures to post up. But in between technical problems (my 5 year old CPU had a meltdown no thanks to a power surge), packed call lists the first half of the month (time to enjoy the fruits of my labour yeah), FB commitments (I've posted 3 albums this month), quite frankly i have nothing particularly creative to say. In other words brain drained.

I have nothing cerebral or stimulating to blog about. Not that any of my blog entries were academic in any way but at least i was excited enough to spend time resizing photos and describing them. Now, i just want to sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation makes me do funny things. The most part of my holiday in Jb i was on my bed, reading 8 Days with 933 (Singapore leading radio station) hits lilting in my ears. In other words, I'm old and i can't do anything about it.

So until i grow young again, I'll just have to leave you with another randomly boring post of someone with aching shoulder and creaking joints even as i type this.Oh and the only reason i changed my blog design was because i had to. 'Thecutestblogontheblock' was threatening to remove the previous blog skin unless i go visit their site again.If that's not a sure sign i don't know what is.

Ok the least i could do is share with you Jay Chou's latest hit in all it's translated and pin yin-ized glory. Presumably an ode to reignited old flame Jolin.

Oh, it's 10 pm. Bedtime for me. Goodnight!

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