Sunday, 25 July 2010

In Trend August freebie

I'm a sucker for freebies. I love things that comes free. I also love things that come free with purchase. Even if it means if i have to buy a product that i probably won't buy under normal circumstances. Because i am kiasu like that. And that is how i ended up buying copies of 'In-Trend' magazine. Ok ok.. i don't normally but Malay magazines. Oh, except for the time from Form 3-5 when i was a regular reader of Dewan Masyarakat and Dewan Siswa cos i wanted my 'karangans' to sound like that too. I love languages, ok i am a nerd.

So anyway, it doesn't matter. I can always pass the extra copies to my staff. What matters is the gift!

And it comes in a pretty silver box.

With the words 'Crabtree and Evelyn' embossed on it.. yeah! Since when did Crabtree and Evelyn become a magazine freebie? Must-get while stocks last.

A 25 ml Lavender Hand Therapy tube with a coupon for other products. Great marketing.

And that is why i'm in such an euphoric state. Cheap thrills sustain me and it smells great!

Go get yours at Borders The Curve. I don't think this offer is available anywhere else though. When i went today i saw around 20 boxes left. Not sure whether they'll restock. Good luck!


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