Monday, 31 December 2012

Jay Chou's new 2012 album 周杰倫十二新作 Latest music videos

It wasn't till i mentioned jay's new album to my 21 year old brother that i realize, there are some people who have no idea his album is out! Can't blame them though. Though the songs are playing on the airwaves, the physical album has yet to reach Malaysian shores, unless of course you had them pre-ordered online.

Here are some of the music videos from his new album which are already out.

The prerequisite stirring ballad : Ming Ming Jiu (明明就)

A cuter and beter music video to watch featuring the much slimmer Lara from 'Nan quan mama' called Big Ben ( 大笨鐘)

There are 2 more cheena type songs out, but it's really not my type, hence i'm not including it in my blog post.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I've got a good reason i assure you and will write about it on a separate blog post once i have the time. Till then sorry for the lack of updates and replies.

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