Tuesday, 21 August 2007


I'm beginning to feel jaded with the mundane ritualistic thing called work~even a first call is like a chore to me now when it was once an adrenaline pumping night~ i remember lying in the on-call room with palpitations. Now i can have a peaceful rest even if for a short time~ the call last night was normal still hectic but manageable. managed to squeeze in 3 hours of sleep~ haha

Cant wait for a break which will be this Friday~ managed to get 3 days leave so will prob go to KL and visit JH's parents and do some shopping~muahahahaha~ then next month planning to get a longer leave to go back to JB and belanja my family~ hahaha already I've been getting requests for sharks's fin soup (who else but Ben).Haha miss my lovely family so much`

I've become sort of a mag freak lately~ found this shop in Ipoh Parade called Novel Hut which sells outdated albeit first hand mags for a fraction of the price. So for 11 bucks a get 3 imported mags~ how sweet is tht? The usual suspects are New Idea, Woman's Day, teen Vogue and Glomour~ i dont mind the datedness cos i get all my latest goss from the 8 Days my mom sends oh so regularly~ I am so reading~ cept i'm not reading what i ought to be reading~

Am so karated now~ I'm out of 8C aka 1st class ward~ and yes i'm beginning to miss it~ despite my initial horror cum disgust and resistance of going to first class i am so missing it now~ I'm in 8B which is a pretty fair female ward with good colleagues one of them the HO captain i always swear at when i'm in my moods~ who is actually pretty decent~ hehe~ i always regret the negative comments i send out~

So my life is still the same cept I'm richer and busier and more prone to infection and what nots~

At least i still have time to go catch movies like the much anticipated SECRET!! Oh my Jay Chou!! Definitely did not let all his fans down~ i would actually have been happy with just a predictable sickly sweet romantic film as long as he is in it in school uniform~ i wasn't expecting much to tell you the truth and i made sure i pre-warned JH that it might be severely boring for him but i think he actually enjoyed it too~ at least he didn't doze off la.

As you can see it's a very romantic movie~

Movie poster for those who don't know the existence of this movie~ I've encountered a few~

Okie decidedly the lead actress is not as conventionally pretty as the supporting actress~ However she definitely acts better and has the type of interesting features tht will make u remember her face. Plus she looks different from different angles~ I've seen her in a few really depressing Taiwanese music videos so its no surprise she is cast as the girl with the secret one that can conveniently make her cry therefore showing off her turn on the taps skill.Perfect! Plus not so pretty girls everywhere will be rejoicing and rooting for her over the prettier popular girl. Jay is a genius in casting the anti-hero. Plus there probably won't be any pesky rumours that they are together cos she's not pretty enough!. Muahaha stroke of genius again. Plus cos she's not very well known they don't have to pay her so much. Thts what i think la~ And it helps that the prettier supporting actress can't really act. And i don't think its pure coincidence that the script calls for him to kiss the prettier girl on the lips and the love of his life just gets~what~ a peck on the cheeks~

pretty supporting lead~ whom i have no idea what she's called

lots of great piano parts in the movie~ i think Janet will love this

And just to up the sweet 'awww' factor he goes and brings his mom and grandma to the movie premier~

Seriously clever la

and cute uniforms to boot~

Sad pensive moments~ laughter +romance+gloom= box-office hit

Plus there is a secret to be unveiled in the end~

Unfortunately i have a smart ass bf who nearly spoilt the whole movie for me by pointing out the 'secret' during the first 10 mins of the show~ thank God he got it wrong~ but it was close.

Do go see this movie and tell me what u think of it~

Kaka happy post-call days~


Jinsterz said...

too predictable la the start..zzz

only fools would have missed it

shar-sharz said...

cousinn..i really wanna watch Secret as well,but sadly it isn't available for sale here.how i wish i was in malaysia,i could possibly get hold of those pirated ones..gaa..=D

shirlyn said...

i love the storyline!! =) *this proves tht im not as smart as jin hui(duh!) bcuz i couldnt guess how the story would go*

love the piano playing parts too!!

saltvinegar said...

U mean you have Secret in the UK? or did u get it from another source hehe~ maybe can give some tips to my cousin in NZ hehe~ Poor Sharon~ i wonder if i can send it over to u.

JH is just so irritating~

shirlyn said...

my friend downloaded it..im not sure which website she got it from.will ask her n let u kno k! so ur couz can watch it too! hehe...

jin hui is irritating?? haha...same goes to jin aun la...looks like we have sthn in common eh....hahaha...

saltvinegar said...

kaka thnks ya~ i think she will apreaciate it so much~

Kaka we're both dating the irritating Jin brothers~

And just to let u noe i enjoy reading ur blog~ especially bout new purchases~kaka

Have fun in UK and congrats on acing the exemption exam! Respect~

shirlyn said...

sorry caroline..my fren cant give me the link for "secret" bcuz there's sthn wrong with her mozilla..so looks like u have to giv ur couz the link another time..

some UK stuf r reli cheap! haha..but some r still expensive..so im kinda broke now la..have to stop shopping like crazee adi..haha..

saltvinegar said...

kaka thts okie~ i'll try find for her~

kaka so envious~
in Ipoh nothing to buy~
cant even spend my pay puas-puas~ haha

have fun in UK ya cos the time will prob whizz right past real fast~

see ya in KL soon


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