Sunday, 5 August 2007

Blardy shit

After the initial happiness of me settling into ward 7A with great MO's ,Specialist and housemen I had to move to another ward cos no one wanted to go! Argh ok i have no choice but to go~

So today i stepped with trepidation into the first class ward not knowing what to expect~ blood taking went well and the reviewing was easy but i cant seem to remember all 13 of the cases leaving me with scanty memory of each of the cases as compared to the 6 cases i manage in 7A~ okie i'm missing 7A now~

The worst thing was i only got to leave work at 2pm when everyone else could get off at 11~~ at the very latest 12~ shits ~ cos 8C patienta are stable and not a priority leaving it one of the last wards to be reviewed~ Grr so i stayed there waiting while my so called partner covering CCU and 8C together went back first~

Grrr~ i'm expecting worst things to come

Pls pray for me these 2 weeks while i'm there~

bleks~ this sucks~

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