Monday, 30 July 2007

Lost and found

After what was possibly my most eventful on-call ever, i lost my precious companion of 5 years~ it was all due to my carelessness~ The Saturday call started off pretty mild with a few hours to rest after lunch~ with one patient collapsing in HDU. However the night and wee hours of the morning was particularly hectic with a further 3 patients collapsing, all of whom have been issued DIL (so no issue bout management there) but all have opted for active resuscitation. While resuscitating the final patient who had grade 4 encephalopathy with massive upper GI bleed and prolonged coagulation time, i managed to lose my stethoscope. I was doing CPR and the steth hanging on my neck was really getting in the way~ so like a pro i took it off trew it on the emergency trolley and continued my valiant yet futile resuscitation. After the patient was pronounced dead a phone call came from 8A~ What ?? I'm 3rd call~ I'm in charge of the male ward tonight.. the female ward is none of my business.

However i took the call and the staff nurse informed that there was a patient who had been fitting in the ward on and off since 4pm in the afternoon~ doing doing doing the call was at 2.30am!! What had been done for her?Nothing! The houseman in charge just ordered to run fast normal saline!! Can you imagine that? So i ran up fast forgetting the fact that my darling stethoscope was still lying on the emergency trolley. Apparently the patient had been fitting in the ward on and off having 15 sec fits which aborted spontaneously then regaining consciousness for 10 minutes then start fitting again~ this had been going on for so long and the MO was not informed!! What the~~ i informed the MO immediately and IV medication was given immediately~ The mother and all the nurses were so thankful that something had been done. But you can imagine the repercussions~ Hypoxic brain damage might have already set in~

Anyway went back down to fill up the burial permit and totally forgot bout my darling steth.I had like 2 more lines to set(after setting bout 15 in total that day)in 7A so that was foremost on my mind. The next day when i went to 7B to find my stethoscope it was gone!

Thank God when i tried my luck again this morning, it was miraculously there hanging on the trolley waiting for me to get it! I love you steth! How could i survive without you?

Today was a good day~All my work was settled early that day~ had 2 very nice and competent MO's in the ward~ and for the third time the daughter of the patient i did the pleural tap for came with chocolate gifts for me~ Fuah~ so nice. She was there cos her father had an appointment at the chest clinic. She brought 2 bags of goodies, one for Dr.S the sweetest and mildest tempered MO ever, one for me and a box of chocolate for my bumbling yet hardworking colleague called Chee Kong. Haha apparently she had just struck the lottery and was really still indebted to us for taking care of her father~ and i got to play Santa Claus handing out goodies to the respective doctors.

Good day~and with a new houseman in the ward i guess there will be higher chances of getting off work at 5 sharp like today~muahahaha happy days~


Anonymous said...
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sckhsmc2007 said...

kekeke... wat an eventful day with a heroic act :P

IMU grads are still one of the hardworking ever! Kekeke... =P

You did great!


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