Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Present in the ward~

Wow~ i got my first gift from the daughter of a patient in ward 7B~

It was a rather hectic morning for me cos i was summoned to the endoscopy room for not having a proper consent form for the patient~ you see a colleague of mine took the consent and but he only took a consent for OGDS and left out the fact tht he was to do a colonoscopy at the same time. Therefore the initial appointment date of 6/7/07 was canceled. I fought hard to get the new appointment date which was today since the patient had been waiting for such a long long time but stupidly forgot to get a new consent form. To make matters worse the nurses forgot to note that they had already prepped his bowel with fleet.

Luckily the ppl there were kind and the specialist who is a super senior from IMU was equally nice. So in the midst of the chaos of getting a new consent form the said patient's wife, another patient's daughter whom i did a pleural tap on the day before gave me some biscuits her friend brought back from Japan~

Muahaha she gave me a pack of 6 chocolaty Jap cookies~

Wow~ the feeling was overwhelming~ they appreciate me after all~

And the uncle was damn nice bout the tap not like some other shit patients who cry and scream even before the needle is inserted~ sad to say his prognosis is not very good and has been planned for palliative care~

The life of a doctor is full of ups and downs~ you never know what will happen next..

Hopefully only good things will come our way~!


sckhsmc2007 said...

I hope so too!! Lots of good prezzies come my way i happi d! =P

Bernard said...

Isn't that nice? :-)


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