Saturday, 21 July 2007

Langkawi Day 3 and 4

I have nothing to do but watch mundane Saturday morning tv and blog i guess~ well at least i went to pasar tani today and ate lots of yummy food~ nasi lemak with ikan masin,raw prawns, sardine curry puff~ ah heaven.. almost numbs the pain of missing out a Saturday morning shopping session actually~

I realized tht i have loads of resized pictures from Langkawi tht i have yet to blog about.

Haha since i have painstakingly resized it and all i thought it would be a waste if i don't post it up here. So here it is but i don't have the energy to write in detail bout it already cos its seemed to have been so long ago~ ages and ages

So here's Day 3.

The steps leading up to the 7 wells~ looks like chicken feed right? But seriously it's no joke okie?Wa lao~ woke up early in the morning for this arduous walk up~

After walking what we felt like 1000 steps we were met with this glum sign~ what??? We only climbed 271 steps?? and we have 367 to go? And it was steep okie?

We could have stopped half way and just settle for the waterfall but we decided it would be a waste if we didn't go to the 7 wells after traveling so far to get to Langkawi. So basically there are 7 pool like things like the one u see above. We were like practically the only ones there so i told JH come on change into ur bathing suit and have a dip in the clear as crystal pools~ But noo~ JH was just too shy to strip down in a place where no one seems to be going anywhere near the water. A few hikers came just to enjoy the view~ what?? These are natural water slides ready to be pounced on~ Gak~ but since JH was shy and i didn't want to be the only person bathing there i gave it a miss~ so we were on our way down when these ang moh kids ran in to the area , tore off their clothes and jumped in slip sliding away~ oh to be young and impromptu again~

Look what we spied at the waterfall on our way down the mountain~

A heart shaped marking on the rock~

Pretty nice waterfall too~

Cos we didn't want to miss anything we even went to the Langkawi wildlife park (tho the sign states otherwise)

Brave boy~

Clever beruks~

Only me and the peacocks~ no one dared to go in there~ i was outnumbered 20 to 1

me driving~dun be scared now~

and last but not least one of the best pizzaa ever complemented by a foot long sausage

Day 4

More pics of Awana~ in case ur wondering everyone was looking at this...

........... fishies~

Fed some sparrows with leftover bird seed from the wildlife park

Took some wuliao pictures~


enjoyed the padi fields~

said bye to the lembus and kerbaus~

and off we left for a tax-free alcohol and chocolate shopping spree~

loved Langkawi~

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