Thursday, 26 July 2007

blardy tired

it's been 4 days since i came back too Ipoh and it's been work work work~
wa lao~ come back and the next day i'm on-call with a new HO and MO in the ward~
Changes~ i must get used to changes day to day~ second to second even

However i must say that was the best call of mu life!
11 admissions and 10/11 of the admissions were before 12~
and the MO was so nice and went tru almost all the cases with me~
Praise the Lord!!
man~ and only one case after midnight which was a blardy simple dengue case~
bliss bliss bliss~
slept for 5 hours~ simply amazing~ i hardly ever get that even in a passive call

However i'm so not optimistic bout my next call which is very soon~ this saturday~
The good news is I can now finally see the fruit of my labour~
Got my payslip yesterday~
muahaha and the amount for 1 and 1/2 months was more than what i expected~
really happy really made all the slogging worth it
and that amount was not inclusive of on-calls~
So the 3 of us JH SC and me scooted down to the nearest bank to check our balance
alas everyone in Ipoh seemed to be doing the same thing~
the q's were damn long~
and just before we entered a certain bank a gaggle(10 0f them) of teenage Malay girls ran (i mean it~they were running!!) into the bank and each of them had just received 700 bucks and all of them withdrew 300 each~wonder if they're trainee nurses?

And when it was our turn~~ alas the money had not been banked in~
we therefore slumped out of the bank with greatly deflated moods~
according to MM the money will probably be banked in in 2-3 days~
really hope so!!


weanu said...

i have done 2 postings in selayang hosp but now i take 1 year own leave/ abscond this is rediculously inhumane. i feel like idiot that they treat us like shit. we are human being and Have all the right to be eat sleep ...and to have life....actually i became a robot and not much things that went into my mind...too tired to read anything after work.... Dr are actually slave in this country...i dont know what i should do...go back to selayang hosp or go to MOH...i am planning to go back to work to complete at least another 1 posting. i have done medicine and oand G.

Lavanya said...

hie gal...jus catching up on ur stories. rarely get2 catch up thou under same roof, eh.
but hey...i jus saw ur payslip at the office, in the pile of payslips! JH MM all there oso.
and if u dont already know...this mth's pay is on the 23rd! yeay...earlier than 25th (wic i heard is the standard date for gomen 'SERVANTS').
best is u check online first nx time. Maybank right? Use the online banking...then wen money confirm masuk, u can go *kacing kaching*
tc...see ya round.
should go for coffee or movie sumtime la wei.


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