Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Time to rest~

Muahaha~ home from work a wee bit early today as we were post-active. managed to leave the ward at 5pm sharp without feeling guilty that there were still Mo's or other housemen in the ward~ What a wonderful day la dee la dee la~ muahaha so happy in fact that i forgot to punch out~ Stupid punch card it seems like such a nuisance but a necessary one i guess~

Retrospectively i feel that even though the Saturday call was bad, i guess the HO captain had no choice but to slot me in for the call at the very last minute~I guess she had to do it and knowing her personally she's generally a very fair and responsible person so i guess the bashing in the previous post was mainly due to uncontrolled rage~ haha i'll try not to do tht again~

Watched Transformers yesterday with JH and Shin Ch33.. My its been ages since we had the time to watch a proper movie.So guessing tht Ipoh is an ulu town and assuming tht no one in their right frame of mind would want to catcha movie on a weekday, we strolled into the cinemas at 7.50pm for the 8pm show.Needless to say it was sold out.

Being the stubborn pigs we were we decided (well mainly me and SC) to try at 8.30 pm to see if there were any cancellations for the 9pm show. Alas..there was none. Since SC wanted to watch the show a lot.. and i thought hey since we've waited so long already, we decided to catch the 11pm show. Great movie~ bt we reached home at 1.20pm and only had a few hours of sleep before work the next day. Bad move i was basically floating around half of the day when i needed to do discharge summaries. JH is on-call today~ugh hope he does okie~

I miss school life when going back at 2pm seemed such a chore already~

On-calls really age you by years~ so i bought some cheapo facial masks from Watson's. Would you believe it~ a pack of 6 moisturizing masks(those in cream form tht you have to put on ur face with ur fingers-not the ready -made sheets) for 15.90. But if u buy 2 packs(12 applications) you only pay 9.90~~ what??? You pay less for 2 products?? Luckily the sales girl alerted me bout this ridiculous offer~ the funny thing tho is tht in the brochure it was written tht 2 packs go for 19.90... Hmmm.. weird~ Anyway hope the facial masks work~ I dun want to look like a haggard old lady anytime soon~

p/s Current status : watching the Monday episode of Campus superstar on youtube while eating glico Loller strawberry biscuit rolls~ bliss bliss chill~

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