Friday, 31 August 2007

Lucky change~

i had a great potential call on the 30th of August~ technically it looked set to be a great call~ Half day off on Merdeka day , passive female call~ should be no prob~ i mean how many admissions can there be a day before the hols~ even if i were sick i'd just try and chill over the hols first~

Unfortunately or fortunately i was unable to keep the call as my major modes of transport mainly MM (on leave) and JH (on call on the 29th) were not able to to fetch me back and to the hospital. Even Kok Lim was on-call~ so i tot nvm i'll take the cabs~

JH however had other plans~ he urged me to change my call to the 29th~ i tried the night before 29th to no avail~ then on the day itself (29th.. is this confusing?) 2 ppl offered to change their call with me~ a 3rd call and a 4th call~ i was as usual undecided~ cos i do want to keep the potentially good call~ but since i had brought all my toiletries and clothes~just in case i couldn't get a cab and had to bunk in the hospital~ and since JH was really urging me to change the call i did~ and thank God for that.

My 3rd call tht night was relatively chill with the occasional blood taking, line setting, hypoK and hyperK corrections, CBD blockage and one collapse at 4am~ even then the MO did the majority of the CPR~ And staff nurse Lee was such a gem~ she helped me take the dengue blood, set a line, review the potassium results for the 2 patients which i did correction for and informed me via the phone so i don't have to go over~she even help me take the blood post correction and post fluid challenge~ OMG she is such a gem~ the other staff nurses in the ward seemed to have been influenced by her a little bit as they too started helping me review and inform me of the results~ Bliss~

I had interrupted sleep but at least i slept and the interruptions were much less than usual~

Now this morning my friend Vijay who took my 4th call woke up late and related what a dreadful call he had! up to 4 female collapses 2-3 of them resuscitated by him and 2 peritoneal dialysis~ Gosh i feel so bad~ Thnk God the ward was relatively empty and by 10am we had finished all the work with the rounds completed~

Guess i have to really thank JH for his inadvertent far-sightedness~

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